Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ramblings of a Crazy Old Lady

I have lots of pretty antique plates that have been waiting for a good idea.

Here's how to make one....

Take a dessert size plate.......

and a dinner size plate that look nice together.....

and one glass candle stick holder.....some glue made for glass and there you go. You can use them to drape your pearls and diamonds for a very eye catching jewelry holder or you can use them to keep your pins, buttons and miscellaneous sewing items looking cool in your sewing room.

I made one for myself too. This has a platter on the bottom and a ring holder on top. I did not glue the ring holder on yet. Still trying to decide.

My tree skirt turned out great I am very happy with it. I love the true red color.

Yesterday my guild held a silent auction. I bid on this and won! I love that random brown plaid block on the left hand side. It is completely hand pieced.

My friend Christine made this little quilt a while back and I kept telling her I was going to steal it. She gave it to me for my birthday to keep me from becoming a thief!

So today is my birthday and I am spending the entire day sewing. I am ashamed to tell you it took forever for me to make this block today! I am terrible at piecing and really strive to make it somewhere close to the right size. I have the 1/4" foot and everything but unless I go agonizing slow it is always off. At this rate the applique will go faster than the piecing!



  1. I am also bad at piecing even with my 1/4" foot. Somehow it always ends up wobbledy-boo!! I love that star though--it looks very precise :--)) Happy Birthday! Julierose

  2. Happy Birthday, Kelly! I can't believe that you have trouble piecing, your quilts are lovely. Have fun sewing! (my fave bday activity, too)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! A whole day of sewing is the perfect way to celebrate. I love your plate stands, such a great idea to use pretty plates. It's hard to believe you're not good at piecing but I know what you mean, even when I cut carefully, use a quarter inch foot etc my piecing is always a bit out. I guess that's part of the challenge.

  4. Ps I forgot to say Christine's little quilt is really fabulous and lucky you get the wonderful grandmothers garden quilt! It's really beautiful.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy your day sewing away! I love the tree skirt too! Ok I have always wanted to buy lots of those plates break them up with a hammer and make mosaic table tops and planters for the yard,
    call me crazy of course I would only buy chipped ones and at the flea market/garage sales, not family heirlooms :)

  6. Happy birthday!

    So is piecing going to become your next year's challenge?

  7. Happy Birthday Kelly!

    I think that is a great way to use your plates but I would not glue on the ring holder. It is just too special by itself!
    Is the hexagon quilt just a top or a quilted quilt? It is really great! Glad you spent your day sewing but so surprised that you say you have a hard time piecing because everything you do turns out so beautiful!

  8. Your log cabin quilt was wonderful - I think you're better at piecing than you give yourself credit. Happy birthday!

  9. Oh, Happy Birthday, Kelly! I hope that you enjoy this , your 29th year, over and over again!
    p.s. Your block looks perfect to me!

  10. Happy birthday Kelly! Hope you have a wonderful day sewing. Personally I couldn't think of a better way to spend a birthday :) love your little quilt.

  11. Happy Birthday!~
    Crazy, yes in a good way - Old? NEVER!
    I love your pretty plate crafts. I love the ring holder. Looks very victorian. I'll have to make one of these for me and my daughter.
    Your tree skirt is great.
    Love the hexie quilt - good bidding!
    cool quilt from Cheryl -

  12. Your projects come out so perfect, how can you have trouble piecing? Well it doesn't show.
    For my DD recent wedding my sister and I make cupcake holders using two plates with a wineglass glued in between. I have a couple left over, now I know what to do with them when there are no cupcakes.
    The hexie quilt madfe me drool, I am currently in love with all things hexie.
    Enjoy and Happhy Birthday.

  13. This hint made an enormous difference in getting accurate block when I finally got it after YEARS of quilting. Accurate 1/4" seam allowances do not result in correct sizes. That's why those feet don't help much. You actually want a little bit smaller than 1/4"' seam allowance to allow for the thickness of thread and pressing to one side (if you press that way). When someone told me that, I couldn't believe how much time I had wasted trying to get to perfect only to find out it didn't help. First time I tried this with my homemade seam guide, I couldn't believe it - perfect.
    Your quilts are so beautiful. Hope this might help make it easier for you because you certainly make amazingly pretty quilts.

  14. It doesn't matter how long it takes to make something, it is the joy of the journey and even when frustrated, once the quilt is made, that fades. Happy Happy Birthday dear friend enjoy this beautiful time of year!

  15. Finally I have wifi. I have just one question. Why not liberated? Oh and I love my plate stand :)

  16. The tree skirt does look nice, great find!
    Congratulations on the win and the gift. I don't see any problem with that block. I like it, will it become part of a star quilt? I kept saying I'm going to make one maybe this is the year.

  17. Happy Birthday, Kelly! My birthday is December 13 also!

    Love your blog. Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting!

  18. Happy Birthday, Kelly! My birthday is December 13 also!

    Love your blog. Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting!


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