Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Surprise

Today I did a little bit of shopping to finish up some gifts I am making. It required me to go to some antique stores to find the supplies I needed. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the giant jar filled with tomato pin cushions. All of them were old ones, not the polyester ones you buy today. Even the little tiny strawberries had real emery in them. Price $10 and I got the cool glass jar to use for miscellaneous things in my sewing room.

I have collected them over the years and use them as a center piece, perfect for Christmas.

Next I came across some quilt blocks, the polka dots caught my eye right away. There were 23 for $56.00 a little more than I wanted to spend. They also were selling them for $3.00 a piece, which was a little more tempting.

I took them over to the counter and spread them out.

They were all hand pieced.

Not very well.

As a matter of fact I think I know why this was not made into a quilt......

All of the blocks are wonky, before there was such a thing as wonky! It got even better when the woman told me they were on sale for half price. SOLD!
I will put them together and it will most likely be a very wonky quilt. I just kept thinking about the person (I am assuming a woman)  who made them and worked hard to make something we all love. It deserves to be made into a quilt some many years later.
The woman at the counter asked me if I was going to cut them up, I almost shrieked in horror. Some antique dealers know about antiques but no nothing about fabric or quilts, it's kind of funny.
I never did find what I originally was looking for today!



  1. What fun! I got 90 star blocks at a flea market in VA. They were hand cut and pieced...very wonky...but i just loved the charm of them. $65...i just couldn't stand the thought of them as orphans. I 've done one top and have enough for two more tops. Your little blocks are darling!

  2. You lucky duck! These will make a beautiful wonky quilt. Such a great find! And those tomato pin cushions... They found a perfect hoe for sure!

  3. Great post today! I collect pincushions too. Those blocks are precious. It's fun to see those old fabrics and what a bargin!

  4. * Score!!*. What a lucky day you had! I love poking around in antique shops and definitely couldn't have left behind either of your finds today. Can't wait to see what you do with the basket blocks ~ but no pressure! ;-)

  5. great finds! ok love those pincushions as part of your table decorations very fun!
    the blocks are great, can't wait to see your wonky quilt!!!

  6. The blocks would be sweet in a basket for display - they remind me of summer colors. I too display red tom cushions - mine are in a biscotti jar. I see old ones less and less.
    Sounds like a very fun shopping trip!

  7. What a wonderful find. Right place, right time!

  8. Oh those are treasures!!! Fancy a whole jar of proper tomato pincushions. And those blocks are fabulous, I'm so glad you got them. I bought an old quilt top on Etsy on the weekend. I surprised myself, but I couldn't resist it's wonkiness and it has polka dots too.

  9. Pretty neat find. I'm sure you'll have no problem making the blocks work together!

  10. Love your tomatoes! so fun -
    The blocks are great - have you tried super steaming them yet?
    I love the funky combinations.
    I went to Good Will yesterday and found some old wooden ornaments. I'm collecting for a future craft project.
    Love poking around in the junk :)

  11. You never know what you might find poking around. Glad you rescued the blocks. My first thought would have been to resew them, but I love the thought of just making them work.

  12. wow, fabulous finds. love that you're going to keep the wonky spirit of these blocks rather than remaking them or trying to "fix" them.


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