Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Diary Block Quilt

Warning: Long post of pictures and words!
Today is the final day of my Diary Quilt Block Tuesday. The last block is made and the quilt is together at long last. The block shown is filled with lots of symbolism. I finally decided to have my name on it instead of initials. The "K" is for my first name, next to it is a pin that has my maiden name on it. That was important to me because I just realized all my interest in sewing did come from family members.
The first person was my great grandmother, Grandma Dolly who sat me on her knee at the age of 4 to embroider a tea towel, the next person was my Grandma Aggie, who made a tied quilt when my mom was in the hospital giving birth to my youngest sister. I was 7 and thought this was amazing that some one would do this! Next was my mom who taught me in the most painful way possible how to make coulottes in the 1970's.....I knew there had to be an easier way.... the last person was my cousin Mary Beth who came for a visit and whipped up some things on the sewing machine for me and my sisters. She was 6 years older and very cool, after all she had a blue princess phone in her BEDROOM, unheard of at the time.
A shamrock because I am Irish, a clock because there is never enough time to sew, scissors just because what is sewing with out scissors? a postage stamp basket pin that a friend who died gave me a long time ago, an antique button from my grandmother's button box, the pin with the little red cross on it is an antique pin that says "perfect attendance" because each block was completed on time!
The music pin because it is the truth, I grew up with the best music ever, I feel sorry for kids today. My Mary medal because she is my favorite. Two patches from my Girl Scout sash, the sewing badge...... the stitches that I used to sew this on my sash will make you laugh! The wings are for how freeing this quilt made me feel.
Pretty bad!
This is the entire quilt which is a little difficult to see. It is a gloomy day here so it is hard to find a spot to take a picture.
When I went back to look at my original post I found that I did keep to my rules
I only messed up on the size of one block and added some strips to get it right.
I kept it pretty light and fun, nothing too serious.

The one thing I did not do was use a lot of new techniques, I stayed with what was familiat to me.
The colors were pretty much what I wanted with the exception of 2 blocks, but they stayed because that was the rule. The bottom right block was the only block I really did not like. It is supposed to be a redbud branch....hummm.

They are all quilted differently and not all heavily.
I did not use any paint and I thought I would but I used a lot of Barbie accessories!.

Each block was made on time except for the 2 times I was sick. It was the can't get out of bed kind of sick.....
I loved including the blocks that the grandkids made, it got me off the hook those weeks.

Only one was made on Tuesday, afternoon, nothing like waiting until the last minute, and I had no idea what I was going to do....

Overall I really enjoyed this project. The blog helped keep me honest and on track. I am the type person that does not want to disappoint. Many people were waiting each week to see what was next. By the last 5 blocks I was getting burned out. I wanted to move on.

The following are my favorite blocks

This one took 5 minutes to make and is one of the best ones!

I really like this one because it is the last one and I wanted it to be symbolic of the whole idea behind this quilt. For days I was rolling ideas around in my head and was starting to panic I would not be able to come up with something good enough. It sums the quilt up perfectly.

I was asked if I would do it again?? Maybe in distant future, I want to do some other things now. It was such a good learning project, I could meet a deadline, come up with some creativity every week (well some days) but most importantly I look at everything differently now. Every day I would look to see if  this or that would work in the Diary Quilt, I am still doing it!
Thanks for tagging along, your lovely comments made it all worth while!



  1. I love this quilt! Your Frankenstorm block is my favorite. I think there is a book idea here.

  2. I have thouroghly enjoyed seeing each block and the story behind it all year.
    what a fun quilt and such a great snapshot of your year!
    thanks for sharing the journey with us.

  3. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. More in person.
    Absolutely precious!

  4. What a special quilt that you will cherish with all the wonderful memories you've included. It was fun to follow along and Your commitment was great inspiration as well!

  5. Congratulations!!! This quilt is a treasure!!! Oh and Sujata please pass the tissues....

  6. I didn't think I could ever pick a single favorite block because there have been so many in the running.....but this last block wins. I love all the memories you included in that block and it tells your story perfectly.
    The quilt is every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. Maybe more amazing.

  7. Kelly, this is such an amazing quilt and achievement. Looking at the blocks again was reminding me of your different posts. It really is a diary and will remind you of your special birthday year. Absolutely amazing!! The music badge made me laugh!!!

  8. Kelly, this is such an amazing quilt and achievement. Looking at the blocks again was reminding me of your different posts. It really is a diary and will remind you of your special birthday year. Absolutely amazing!! The music badge made me laugh!!!

  9. Congratulations on reaching your goal -- it is a fantastic achievement and the quilt looks fabulous. I certainly have enjoyed taking the journey with you.

    Happy birthday! What a great gift to yourself!

  10. Congratulations Kelly - what a feat! And not just that, but it is so personal, it is a precious memory of one special year in your life (aren't they all?). Sort of reminds me of the Bible quilt by Harriet Powers - your "when this you see" block says it all. And I couldn't agree more with your music button! :)Now put your feet up, you're done!

  11. Thank you for a year of inspiration and getting to know you better.The quilt turned out great.Congratulations.

  12. Congratulations Kelly! Your quilt looks terrific all put together! I also love your last block with all your special items to represent you and your journey. I recognize those girl scout wings and sewing badge. Considering how beautiful your applique stitch is now....I wouldn't worry about your stitches on your sash. It just shows how far you've come! Thanks for sharing your year with us! And Happy Birthday on the 13th!

  13. If you ever are tempted to think that your life is hum drum, take out your amazing diary quilt to look at. Each block is unique and precious. I love your quilt because it reminds me that each week, day and year, is precious and I should focus and appreciate them as gifts given. I love so many of the blocks! One that stands out is your son's AT hike block. What a journey this quilt has been, one step at a time, an ambitious commitment made and a triumphant completion. Hurrah for you and thank you for letting us tag along!

  14. congratulations on the completion of this fabulous quilt!! I loved reading the symbolism of the final block of elements. I adored see the GS badge (love that stitching).
    It was great fun to see the whole thing. I'm sure you'll treasure this quilt and the memories it contains.

    btw - totally forgot that I got included at Sujatas house - super fun and I'm honored!

    please share this quilt with the regional shows - it is so inspiring!


  15. Wow, you have done such a fabulous job and it is a memory quilt for this past year! You truly put yourself into it. Congratulations on your finish and inspiration.

  16. Kelly, it's a wonderful quilt! You really kept yourself on track. Isn't it great how blogging keeps one accountable? Ha... that's why I've never done anything like this myself! You deserve a break now. I sure hope your spouse, children and grandchildren will always appreciate your quiltmaking skills, and the sentiments behind this project. It's a marvelous thing.

  17. Kelly, this is just fantastic! I'm sure it will be one of the most cherished of your projects, for all the memories it will evoke.
    What a great reminder to so many of us to set some goals and work regularly. It seems (to me!) that you just started this a short time ago and yet we have watched it progress to this wonderful, finished piece. It is a real gem!

  18. all I can say is WOW it is fantastic. They all look wonderful together. I love that you included Mary , I have always carried her with me. when I was 11 my father died and the only thing I wanted was this tiny Mary statue about 1" in a plastic pouch that he had. I actually lost her, and one day a neighbor who I had donated some clothes to found her in a pocket. I had her back again. I had put her away so I wouldn't lose her,
    now you have me loooking again. thanks for all the memories.joanne

  19. This sounds like quite a challenge, but you did a fabulous job! What a keepsake!
    Happy Birthday!

  20. The quilt is wonderful! I enjoyed seeing the blocks every week and it is a lovely record of your year.
    Happy belated birthday!

  21. woohoo!!!! so awesome. it's such a fabulous personal quilt and it all works together amazingly well. gotta say my favorite block is Frankenstorm. Congrats!

  22. Your diary quilt blocks are so interesting. A way to arrange one's thoughts and events in a period of time.


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