Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Diary Block Tuesday

The big day is one week away. I love this cup, my friend Suzanne gave it to me for my birthday. the eyes are a little scary though...
Every year Christmas creeps up on me and I am always scrambling at the last minute. This year things are under control and I am enjoying it a lot more. I can still keep to my every day things without feeling the pressure of doing everything that needs to be done for Christmas. Procrastination....a bad thing. I must keep that in mind for next year.
I recieved this adorable little present in the mail from my blogging friend Barb of Fun with Barb . She has an amazing blog so be sure to check it out. Don't you love the little elves?
This stunning pillow was made for my birthday by my friend Cynthia. I have written about her in my blog and if you could see the quilts she makes..........Cynthia you need to start a blog so we can follow along with your projects!
In the past 4 years we got 3 new neighbors which may not sound that unreal except there are only 5 houses on our street. The one couple are on the young side (30's) and really good neighbors. Every Christmas they come up with a unique gift for everyone. This year they roasted coffee, brought it over and ground it up for us (we do not have a grinder)! The next morning we used their coffee and it was delicious!
The other neighbors sent over home made sticky buns right out of the oven, very very good.
I on the other hand will have to get a little bit more adventurous for next year......the pumpkin bread looked pretty pedestrian next to all those goodies!


  1. wow, their own coffee blend! And they roasted it themselves? What an ingenious idea! You have great neighbors, but I'm sure they are saying the same about you!

  2. It's wonderful to appreciate Christmas, isn't it? Once our children were grown and on their own, I gave up sending cards, putting up a tree, and trying to be Mrs. Claus. I think women bear the burden of trying to make Christmas "magical," when it's really about something else. I hope no one is making Christmas a job, but is enjoy this time. How wonderful to share gifts with neighbors. That's really a blessing too.

  3. All of it sounds yummy to me.
    How does it feel to not have to do a block for Tuesday?

  4. Lots of fun fabulous gifts!! Pumpkin bread is a great gift and would be perfect with a cup of coffee so I bet your neighbours loved it. I agree that December is more enjoyable without the last minute scramble. I wasn't so organised this year though...

  5. love that santa mug - the eye liner is perfect.
    what a nice gift and pumpkin bread is always welcome - yum!
    what a nice neighborhood you live in


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