Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's All About Me

It's hard to get a runner in a picture! I made this yesterday (as promised) in just a few hours. If I had thought about it a little more I would have put the binding on so I could sew it down by machine and it would have taken even less time.

I am happy with it and it brightens up the kitchen. I used a charm pack by Moda called Stitched in Color. It was machine quilted in straight, though not perfect, lines going across. It feels good to make something quick and fast and useful.

I put this together for Christmas and like it so much I am leaving it out. Just pin cushions in a jar. Even guys comment on it!
Do you think this can last? Maddy wanted to wash dishes the other day..............

Some how I don't think it will.....

This shot is for my friend Suzanne, she loves Hello Kitty too. Maddy said, "tell her they only make these for kids". She is amazed that an adult likes Hello Kitty. Suzanne if I can find them in your size I will get them for your birthday!



  1. Pin Cushions in a jar....cute idea.

  2. For your friend, Suzanne - Target has
    a Hello Kitty microwave oven!

  3. The runner is so cute - almost as cute as your adorable granddaughter! and I must say, love your new banner!

  4. Love your table runner and the ingenius jar of pin cushions. Maddy's Hello Kitty slippers are too, too cute! (so is Maddy!)

  5. great table runner. I'm thinking this is a new goal for me: one for each month/season for hutch, buffett & table. plus some small ones on end tables and hall tables. love the slippers. does M hire out for dishes?

  6. u should put ur mirror with jewelry on pinterest, passed it on to a friend this morning, love the runner and pin cushion centerpiece and u

  7. Your runner is so bright and beautiful! Maddy is such a sweetie doing the dishes. And her slippers are very cute!!

  8. I love your bright, cheery table runner. Isn't it great when kids want to help? My DD still loves Hello Kitty and she's 25!

  9. In Japan once, we came across a women's lingerie store which was ALL Hello Kitty themed. It's not just for kids anymore! lol
    (Love the runner. Just got some pieces of that line myself.)

  10. I love that table runner. I've been trying to think of a good pattern to show off this line and I can see that simple is perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Yes, enjoy the help with dishes while it lasts. Your runner is beautiful and so cheerful. The pincushions in a jar was a stroke of genius - I may have to borrow that someday.
    As for Miss Kitty - no one is ever too old to like her!

  12. love the table runner, very cheery! ok love the pin cushions in the vase....LOVE the vase too or whatever you call those!
    I have seen Hello Kitty adult clothes, maybe at Target? and in NYC.

  13. Very cute table runner. I do like your fabric choice!

  14. cute runner and you are so right, its bright and cheery!
    love vase of tomato pin cushions - so simple and so great looking
    Maddie is adorable as ever and now doing dishes? can I borrow her?


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