Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diary Quilt Tuesday

I loved making this block! It was so fun and it totally reflected my entire week. I spent a lot of time working on a quilt I won't be able to show you for a while.

I have decided that I am going to change some of my "rules". Instead of it being my entire week in 1 block (that is only 6 inches), I am going to pick out 1 thing in my week to highlight. I don't want them all cluttered looking. I think I am not going to hand embroider on them, it feels too heavy to me, now that I have a few made I can see that, but will occassionally use some machine embroidery.

The cutting mat was a fun touch that I had not thought of until the very end. I found a piece of fabric that was very similar in color, stitched some lines on it, covered it with Fray Check, let it dry and then cut out my mat. I know my perspective is not totally right but that is not something I am very good at doing. Just look at the size of my pincushion compared to tthe mat!

Here is some Show and Tell from my guild, Penn Oaks last night.

Suzanne's Quilt

Helen's quilt

Stephanie's quilt

Nancy's quilt top
My friend, Suzanne and I taught an applique class last night at guild. I think everyone had a good time. All the ladies there are such a nice bunch!



  1. So fun! Our guild meeting is Thursday. I always enjoy the show and tell part...people are so talented!

  2. Awesome¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great perspective...F U N!

  3. I think the change in perspective makes it more interesting and fun. I'm so enjoying your blocks, and I think this is my favorite so far.

  4. Kelly, your block is so cute and full of special little details! I love the rotary cutter!! And the mat is so clever!! Big pincushions are much handier! Wonderful quilt show too!

  5. now that I'm looking on larger computer vs phone: dark hair K! also: tulip quilt for suzanne...very different. I'm assuming S S not S ST.

  6. Your little quilts are so cute! Love the one with you sitting at your Bernina.........would not have even thought of the size of pincushion compared to mat. All too fun!

  7. what a fun block! I love the legs.
    great show and tell. I love the big tulips.

  8. I love your block - it's supposed to be fun not "fine art" so who cares about proportion and perspective? Anyone who looks at it can see that you love being with your Bernina in your sewing room!

  9. What a cute diary block for this week. You're really pulling out the creativity, aren't you? I admire you for making the commitment to do this. And to knitting a couple rows every day. I don't feel comfortable doing that to myself since I know I'd beat myself up for not sticking with it. I'll enjoy watching you be a success!

  10. Kelly,

    You have this block of the week down so well! I love this one!

  11. I just LOVE this block! Especially the machine and the cutting mat, you're so creative Kelly.


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