Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Diary Quilt Tuesday

I love this block!!! It represents our day at Sujata's last week. From left to right....Jane, Christine, Sujata, Barb and Terry. Of course you all recognize yourselves????

I took some artistic license.....Barb's hair is not that exact color, but that was as good as I could get. Terry's glasses are a little wonky, the hazzards of drawing them on after you make the block!

Sujata I don't know what happened to your shoulder!!!......

Jane I bet you never knew that your hair could look this good!! and Christine your hair looks so much better than this but it is the "essence" of  you! I did put you in a red top! (Her favorite color).

You all do look a little like Stepford wives, especially Jane in the "helmet" hair! Terry your legs look a little scary too!
I never claimed I could draw but I really, really love this one! Cheryl don't worry there will be plenty more blocks for you to make an appearance in at a later date. Thank you again ladies for allowing me to make you my focus for the week!



  1. What a fun way to remember your day together. If I had made this block to represent my sewing group there would be a big cake on the my husband calls us the Cake Eaters club! He thinks all we do is talk & eat cake...OF COURSE we sew a little!

  2. Honestly you think you can't draw? I think the opposite, it's the quirks that make your style so fabulous. Your blocks get more and more fun.

  3. Oh I think this is my favourite so far. I recognized everyone straight away. It's wonderful!!

  4. Love it. Your blocks all have that retro look that you love. But I am sad that I was not there. You could have put me in a cloud or as a ghost looking over all of you!

  5. OH! I am giggling. I am parting my hair on the other side from now on...had been debating that! S: looks like you do need surgery on other shoulder: shave that down as well. J: may I PLEASE have your body? Yes...we need bubbles for all the talking about CL. If you add her, make her with burning ears.

  6. Kelly!!!
    I can tell, you are having way too much fun! I am enjoying these blocks along with you! Love your interpretation of us!

    Where are you? I can see clearly what happened to my shoulder! LOL!

  7. I just love this block--so original. I think you have to love your own drawing style--I think it is super Julierose

  8. Are you kidding? No apologies needed, this is fabulous! Love it!

  9. Fun memory quilt block! i love it.

  10. Kelly, your blocks just make me smile!! Keep going, girl!

  11. How fun is this! I laughed out loud when it popped up.
    I think you captured us.
    Love it - thanks for making our meeting part of your calendar year -

  12. I knew who they were right away!I am loving your blocks. Stil haven't started my scarf for the weather!
    Debbi F

  13. I can actually see Christine you nailed her


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