Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quilt Show!

I loved this quilt....they are always so much better in person. It is by Patti Morris of Canada.

Smiles by Sieglinde Schoen Smith

Sandi McMillan

Dawn Prayers on the Ganges by Meri Henriques Vahl....Sujata this one is for you!

Joy Is A Special Friend by Jois Podolny

I love the painterly feel of this quilt. Garden Tritych by Dilys Fronks

Sound of Ensemble by Taeko Okamatsu

Congratulations Sejiu-Shiki by Masae Ogawa

As I was leaving the show there was this couple walking ahead of me....they touched me very much. He is carrying her bag and they are holding hands. I can only hope Bob will be going with me to quilt shows when I am this age, I think he will as long as I bring candy to keep him happy!



  1. Thanks for the photos Kelly - the last one is my favorite. :) That will be me and Scott too - he calls himself a qubby.

  2. You go to the best quilt shows!! Thanks for taking photos to share with us. I too love the last one. I'm pretty confident Phil will be carrying my bag then too. He came with me to my first quilt show and it was him that pushed me to get a rotary cutter and mat because I was too nervous to go to the stand as a newbie who had no idea what to ask for.

  3. Oh Wow! Those quilts look quite amazing! Thanks for sharing that India Quilt. I can't imagine how long it must have taken the artist to make that.
    I have to say that Nilesh is my biggest fan. I am certain that we will be hanging out at the quilt shows as we get old.
    Aah.. that picture is just adorable!

  4. Lovely quilts - that one of the Ganges is especially amazing! That last photo reminds me of my grandparents; I have a photo (somewheere) of them holding hands and walking along a beach in Tasmania in 1974! They seemed old to me then - he was 68 and she was 65 - and I was seventeen!

  5. Fantastic quilts. I always wonder what becomes of them after the show.
    As for that couple, my hubby is happy to drop me off and pick me up. Maybe someday he will join me.

  6. thanks for sharing the quilt pictures with me
    I am really sorry I didn't come down. LOve the picture of the couple
    just warms my heart.

  7. I'd like to say that the last photo of the loving couple is my favorite. It is so touching and beautiful. But when I put myself in the picture, I see me trudging after my husband, hauling his golf bag....
    Not gonna happen, Sistahs!

  8. How sweet. Thanks for sharing all of the photos. No doubt that your sweet hubby will be caring your purchases and holding your hand for many years to come.


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