Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Are No Longer Amish

This morning as I walked out to the mailbox that smell hit me....the smell of fall, just a little bit of crispness in the air.
I won't bore you with our saga of Hurricane Irene. Suffice to say no power for 48 hours. We do have a generator so it wasn't too bad.

This tiny tree caused all our electric problems....

I worked on my Longwood quilt

Played Scrabble with Bob at night by candlelight...

Washed dishes by hand after I heated up the water on the gas stove....

Listened to the radio...

Made a potholder with Maddy.....

Cleaned up the yard...

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset......

All without power, well sort of does the generator count? I did not finish my Hurricane Irene quilt because the power went out. The family decided water was more important than my sewing machine! We have to pick and choose what gets the power. I will finish it today and post it tomorrow.
My new favorite saying is "Knowledge is power but it doesn't make my blow dryer run"!



  1. Welcome back to the electrified world!

  2. I love your new saying!
    Playing scrabble with hubby..Priceless.

  3. love the new saying I am still in a hotel we lost power on sunday 4am our town is in bad shape, so many trees down and so much damage...
    now they are saying this weekend before power goes back on...
    major highway near me collapsed causing nightmare traffic going to be a long time before things are normal arund here...good luck!
    is it fall yet?

  4. Sorry your power was out. We didn't have any damage from the storm, but my house is surrounded by trees. I didn't get anything done because I was terrified a tree would fall on the house.
    Looking forward to seeing your quilt finished.

  5. Great saying!!! I'm glad it wasn't too bad for you. Looks like you did some fun things to pass the time. Quilting, Scrabbling, making pot holders.

  6. How thoughtful of you to post about what you did during your time without power, and that the generator power you did have had to be used for specific purposes. I'm glad you came through it fine. I adore playing Scrabble! I hope you won! Your Hurricane Irene quilt will get done when it gets done. No worries!

  7. Glad you came through it all unscathed. Pity about the quilting plans.

  8. Sorry to hear about your power loss - My husband would be totally jealous of your generator.
    It was all I could do to keep my son and hubby from buying one on saturday - boys and toys...


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