Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Postcard Tutorial

Have you ever tasted a Jersey tomato? They are one of the best I have ever tasted, they are legendary!
I had some emails that wanted me to do a tutorial on my post card. I decided to do something different because I don't want to make the same thing over again.

To make it easy and fun, spend some time getting ready. Pick out fabrics and fuse some fusible web to the backs of pieces 5 x 5 or larger. It helps the creative part flow.

After you fuse it take the paper off. I really like Wonder Under, but use what you like. Save that paper you can use it to keep fusible off the ironing board.

We want the post card to be stiff so use heavy interfacing like Timtex, which is pretty rigid. You can find it at a store like Joanne's. There is also some that has a fusible side that works well too. Cut the interfacing to about 5 x 7 . The post card we are making will be 4 x 6. Cut a piece of fused fabric and fuse it to the interfacing. I am using a hand dyed purple.

Next start cutting your shapes....I didn't trace or draw anything. It makes it exciting to see what you get! This is where the prefusing comes in handy. You can just keep cutting until you get what you like without having to stop and fuse fabrics.

The crown is put under the tomato.

For the star I cut a circle and then cut it into a star shape. It is not perfect but I think it makes it look more realistic.
A curvey stem and some leaves.....

Some sunglasses.....

Add some machine quilting......nothing special to do, treat it just like a regular quilt. I did use my free motion foot and outlined the background and the tomato parts. I would choose a light colored thread in the bobbin so it does not show through too much.

Turn it over, trim your threads and fuse another piece of fabric to the back. Trim it down to the 4 x 6 size and you are almost done.....If your threads show through, use 2 pieces of fabric layered on top of each other.

Use a walking foot and stitch a satin type stitch along the edge or you can also try a button hole stitch. I set the stitch length to 1 and the width to 3 on my Bernina. If you want it a little thicker go over the edges twice.

This is another one I made all trimmed up and ready to finish off the edges. This is another fun project that kids would enjoy as well.
Now send this off to some one who would love to get a little work of art!



  1. Cute! At first glance, I thought your tomato was wearing a bikini top.

  2. beyond adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I love how hip and yummy it turned out...with a lot of SPICE! THanks for inspiring me as I head out the door to work, a fun visual for my long drive ahead!!! Love, EM

  3. Thank you!
    I love the strawberries!

  4. What a groovy tomato girl! And the strawberries are cute too!! Thank you for taking time to put together a tutorial for us.

  5. Beautiful Kelly! I love mine you sent me a few years ago now! One concern you might consider is that it got dirty in the mail. Maybe send in a clear envelope?

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. That's a groovy postcard!

  7. What do you do about the mailing side?

  8. Kelly, I was just telling a friend at quilt guild yesterday that I had never made a postcard. Neither had I know how! Thanks for the great tute! These are really cute....I'd like cottage cheese with my tomato please!

  9. omg how cute is that and ah yes I am a jersey girl born and bred! well thats I just may have to try this
    Yes it would be fun to open the mail box and find a work of art in it!

  10. These are the cutest post cards!! I don't know which I like better!!


  11. I love your tomato - she is adorable!
    My post office wouldn't send it - what's up with that? I've been known to put it in an envelope - not nearly as fun

  12. THIS - IS - SO - FREAKING - CUTE!!


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