Friday, September 10, 2010

Roseville Block 2

I have started the second block of my Roseville Album Quilt. It takes a long time to pick out the fabrics and I have many to choose from! My plan is to try and work on it every day, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Here are my two blocks side by side. Even though not all the parts are on the second block, I think they are harmonious together. Taking pictures helps, you can see if something doesn't look quite right.

These are some of the tools I use to applique. YLI silk thread is my favorite, I use a Pigma pen to trace around freezer paper templates on light fabrics, Roxanne's Quilter's Choice pencil in silver and white for dark fabrics. I recently discovered Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles and really like them a lot. They are easy to use and come out perfect. Straw needles have become my favorite and I like John James or Bohn size 11.
A tip I got from my friend Suzanne is to put Fray Check around the edges of the background fabric to keep it from fraying. She is a wonderful appliquer. I am hoping she will let me show you some of her quilts.

Even though the general thought is you only need 4 different threads to applique with, I find that matching them as closely as possible works for me. If my stitching is off a little it doesn't show.

I bought this container at Joanne's. The bottom sections holds my threads and some notions. The top part is for my blocks and pattern. It is perfect when you go to a get away or just to try and keep yourself organized!

Only 16 more to go! The four side and top panels are really like 3 blocks each!!!
The border should be easy don't you think?

Happy Birthday Keagan!



  1. Kelly,
    Okay, here goes...OUCH!! on your neck injury. You're right-it could have been worse. Thank God it wasn't. I love your color choices for your blocks so far. This is a very happy quilt, isn't it?
    That tool box of yours, how big is it? It looks pretty large in the picture. How are you constructing the quilt? By hand or machine?

    You should put your posts on the GA blog so everyone will see them ;).

  2. Your 2 blocks look lovely and are in harmony:)
    What a nice YLI thread collection:)
    Impossible to find it in Belgium neither in France! We have to buy it via the net in the US but how to find then the good match without seeing it next to the fabric!?
    So I will use one and only color in Clover silk thread, the color of my background fabric (linen).

  3. My tool box is about 13 x 10 and holds everything I need. I am hand appliqueing this quilt and I do post on the Glorious Applique blog. It is very a inspiring site!
    I agree it is hard to match the thread to fabric if you can't see it. I do find a dark, medium and light green work well with all greens.
    Thank you for all the nice comments!


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