Thursday, May 15, 2014

This and That

Today I started some machine quilting. It is not hard and a bit boring truth be told. I am about half way done.

and then I found this! It was time to call it a did that happen? At least it was only 1 line of stitching.

How is this for a pretty ending? Book Club is at my house tonight we will be discussing Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, so I picked some pretty flowers for everyone to enjoy. Spanish Bluebells, Forget-Me-Not, Lily of the Valley, Columbine, Violets and some ferns. Can you smell those lily of the valley through the computer?



  1. Love the way you're quilting the newest quilt! and I've been there ~ oblivious to the fact that my backing got caught in the stitching (not catching it until after I had stitched a few rows!)

  2. Oh, bummer. At least you caught it before you had done more.

  3. I've done that too, more than I'd like to admit.

  4. Love the vase too! I have always loved Lily of the Valley and I bought a small pot at the Amish stand that used to be on Route 30 near the McDonald's in Caln. I had no idea they spread so much (my husband grumps about it every spring!). They smell heavenly! The stitch mistake looks like organza, I hope it's easily fixable!

  5. I like the way the quilting is coming along.
    And yes, I have done that, too.

    1. Those fabrics. Those flowers. That vase. Sigh.(sorry about the oops!)

  6. Thankfully it was only 1 line of stitching! Your flower arrangement is beautiful, what a wonderful collection of beautiful spring flowers, yes I can smell the Lily of the Valley.

  7. Oh darn, I sure hate when I do that oops when quilting. At least you found it before you did more quilting!

    Love your vase and the flowers! I sure wish I could smell those lily of the valleys! I have some I need to plant - I love them, and I have the perfect area for them to fill in. I cut some lilac tonight just so I can smell it inside the house. It is just heavenly.

  8. You have to STOP IT NOW! Not only have I been admiring your gift of quilting (especially with these low volume fabric usages) now I find out you are a reader as well. I am in love with "Outlander" and am looking forward to the additional novels. I can not get enough of a good historical fiction, So.... here's to another common interest!!!

  9. Beautiful picture of the flowers. I know the smell so I just pretend I smell them;) Your quilting looks just right. I did 'that' before...I do.not think about it for too long and immediately grab my thread cutter so I won't have to look at a mistake for too long.
    Have a good weekend,

  10. pretty flowers! Snow Flower is one of my favorite books of all time! I loved the readers.
    the machine quilting looks great - I've made that mistake too - at lease it was only one line as you say.

  11. The flowers are so pretty. Your machine quilting looks just perefct for that quilt. I wish I could say that I only made that mistake once. LOL


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