Friday, May 2, 2014

Loose Ends

Time is flying by and I seem to not be getting a whole lot accomplished. I purchased this fabric today at the local quilt store, The Quilt Block. How fun it is!

The ladies at the shop made this into a baby quilt, such a good idea. You can machine quilt right down those edges, I love when that happens. I am not sure if it will be a baby quilt or a back.

I also like this to add to the low volume stash.

So I went out to get the mail and there is a package, addressed to me, from Australia! What could it be? I had not ordered anything....

Umbrella Prints! They are something I have seen around blog land and wondered what they were like. I have never seen them in any quilt stores any where.

The fabrics are so beautiful! You get little bits and pieces, hence the name "trimmings".

This group reminds me of summer and sea shells!
There was no name inside the package, so I guess I must have a fairy godmother!

Some of you have asked about the Mystery Quilt Workshop....."what did they make?" So Debbi sent me her finished table runner. Well done Debbi and perfect for summer! Maybe some of the other will send me a picture of theirs, hint, hint....

I also finished up my blocks for the QAL I am doing with 1/4" Mark  This week our assignment was to make a block that represented when we were born. I was born in 1956. Life was simple (you can see the word a bit in the fabric) and my friends and I were pretty innocent.

Our second block was to be "when would you have liked to have been born". Now that 's a mouthful, I am not even sure the grammar is correct.....
I am staying in the '50s. I think it was a wonderful time and there is NOTHING I would change about my life. I remember my mom hanging out the wash and every Tuesday she did the ironing while watching her stories, As The World Turns in particular.
Would you change the time you were born or would you stay in the same time zone, so to speak? I did toy with the 1856, Civil War era as I find that time period fascinating BUT as you remember all the whining I did this winter with  no power, I need to shower every day, with hot water, inside, with real soap and of course there is my hair dryer that I can't live without.....



  1. great fabric finds. Love the glasses. The surprise mail package is curious and super fun. I wonder who sent it? I love a mystery.
    Your blocks look great.
    I was born in 1962 and I love that era which is why I LOVE mad men. I remember my mother smoking her Salems and talking on the blue kitchen princess wall phone, while making TV dinners.
    If I could pick an era to be born I'd go to the turn of the century I think 1900s - I love the steam and pre-industrial period. I'd want to be in the city and be a lady - not a pioneer woman. Fun question to consider.

  2. Pretty surprise trimmings. Love the mystery runner. Those bright colors will look good all summer....and into the winter if you need a bit of "happy". I was born in 1954. I remember my Mom sprinkling the clothes after they came off the line. Then into the pantry and iron the next day. She ironed my Dad's boxers. And his pocket hankies. I love the idea of other periods in time, but I must have things like indoor plumbing, electric alppliances...stuff that like that.I'd stay in the 50s...we watched very little TV. Our games were mostly made up. My friends and I all hit the door after breakast and were out til dinner (if we could get a Mom to give us lunch outside) and then back out til the streetlights came on. We went Trickor Treating all over the whole neighborhood. We used our skagtes and bikes everyday. Good times. :)

  3. Some gorgeous fabric purchases.
    What fun to have a fairy godmother!!
    I'm not sure I want to change when I was born, either. Also a child of the 50s I know that we have seen a lot in our lives, which I think is really exciting.

  4. Ooh yummy fabrics!! Those sunglasses are fun, I'll look forward to seeing them pop up in your sewing. I love the block of smiley happy girls!! If I had to pick another era it would've the 60's and I'd want to be in California. Though I do think now is pretty good because I can say hello to my quilty friends around the world so easily.

  5. Born in 1951, I am nostalgic about my childhood, certainly so diffrerent in USA from France not long after the 2nd world war!
    Anyway, I love your fabrics, those soft hues, and I am going to order right now Umbrella Prints. I don't know what I will do with them, I had never heard about such fabrics before. Also I like the packaging! Thanks for this "discovery"!

  6. I'm a 60's girl, I agree, I wouldn't change a thing, my life, especially my childhood, was great! 60's all the way! Hmmm, those trimmings, I think somebody unloaded their scrap bin on you!! Lucky you!! They are beautiful colors. Can I borrow your fairy godmother?!


  7. Oh Kelly, I wouldn't change a thing! Loved the time period of 60's and 70's. I am reminded of my home lot more when I watch Mad men too. The furniture and hair, colors etc are so close to what I remember. If I was given the chance, I would like to go back in time and see what India was like some 5 to 600 years back. Just because I love Indian architecture. It would be amazing to see everything not in the ruins.
    That is a lovely package of trimmings.. Someone must know you very well! Those glasses are way too cool!

  8. Oh, I do love a good mystery! Have fun using your little trimmings!


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