Tuesday, May 27, 2014


These are my blocks for the Quilt Along I am doing with 1/4" MarkThis has been a fun QAL so far and easy to do as well.

The snaps on the light  fabric remind me of an old fashion washing machine.

I love my sewing room, it is colorful and happy! I love just walking in there.

Now for the lazy part......

I have been late getting to my gardens because we have to do some work in the front yard.

My husband is fixing the swale in our yard that helps the water go away from the house.

It involved moving lots of plants to the back yard.

How pretty is that Columbine?

At least the digging part was made a little easier with all of my husband's machinery.

My Mandeville that I kept inside over the winter is beautiful already!

The chive flowers look pretty surrounded by weeds!

Now I will have a whole new garden to plant. It may end up being bigger than the original. I am not so sure I am happy about that.....I want less to do, not more.
For once my laziness may have paid off. Last week we got a big hail storm and lots of people lost all their annuals that they just put in. The perennials made it but not the annuals. I feel like winter is still with us just a little bit!



  1. Love your use of fabrics. Holy Moly the earth really did move! Have fun in your garden.

  2. Your blocks are so colourful and fresh. I share your joy in your sewing room. I think I am truly blessed to have my own sewing room. I dreamed about having one for years and now I have one. Its true bliss! Your garden is lovely. Have fun deciding what to plant. It is quite a big area. I didn't realise how pretty chive flowers were!

  3. Nothing looked lazy at your house. It all looked like a lot of work!

  4. We were lucky not to have hail damage last week. Some years I am just not as interested in gardening as I am sewing. This year I seem to be able to balance most. I do find that one my beds are established, they aren't that difficult to maintain. I just wish I had your husband's toys when I was creating beds, you are Soooooo Lucky! :) Hugs, Mickie

  5. Lazy? I think not. Great blocks--when first looking at the snaps, I thought of the old movie reels-interesting what we see. And "boys with toys"--I have a large corral with machinery and have a love-hate relationship with it. Great to have when you need it but if not tucked away nicely it is a eye-sore. Your garden is going to be gorgeous!

  6. I don't think there's any laziness in gardening and sewing! You look as though you've accomplished a lot!! I always love seeing your garden, even as a WIP.

  7. Lazy???!!! I don't think so!
    I love all your pack patch blocks! and that was a nasty storm last week for some people- I have many friends in the Reading area that were hit hard.

  8. Oh wow, do you think your DH could come do mine when he's finished with yours. This year has been so bad we have water pooling around our air conditioner compressor. The sump pump is pumping it out but it's pooling and coming back in!
    With the storm last night we had lots of branches down again and my hydrangeas took such a beating this winter I might not have any blooms this year.

  9. Whew! Is it time for an ice tea yet??! Amazing.

  10. You have some lovely fabrics in those blocks. They are looking great.
    That is a lot of work happening in your yard. And how lucky are you with the hailstorm!
    Good luck with the planting.

  11. Lazy is the last word I think of when I think of you, lol!
    Your perennials look lush and pretty. I know you'll fill that big border with lovely shrubs and plants. Your QAL looks fresh and fun. Your pallet shines through!

  12. I think you were clever not to have planted your annuals! Love your QAL blocks.

  13. I'm also working on a new garden.
    The hail killed many of the new plants before I was able to plant them.
    Happy gardening.


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