Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inspirational Quiltinis!

How's this for an eye catching quilt! No, it is not mine, but my friend Christine's. Yesterday the Quiltinis gathered for some fun and inspiration. Both are always plentiful.

Christine used jelly rolls, so the pinked edges on the back also made for some good inspiration.

She also made this very cool pillow....

and a runner......

and a mug rug! She is our energizer bunny!

This is a wedding quilt she made for some friends. It is very striking and done in purples and grays......

and of course a runner and some coasters (not shown) were also made with the leftovers. She just has to use up every little last piece, she can't help herself!

Terry's quilt that was made with some very old florals. It reminded me of color wash quilts, remember those? She is going to use this to practice her long arm quilting.

Another one of Terry's quilts. She had a whole wall in her sewing room filled with small quilts, it was very charming!

Sorry this picture did not come out so good, it is a gorgeous quilt, another one of Terry's.

Stephanie's wedding quilt for one of her sons, she has 2 of them getting married this fall! Wouldn't this be a fun scrap quilt to make? All she has left to do is the binding and the label.

There were some more quilts shown, that I wished I could show you. For many reasons they will have to wait. You can be sure I will when free to do so.......they are amazing!
I so enjoy getting together with these ladies. They always have good feedback and are honest in their opinions, something I value very much. I don't think I could quilt without them!



  1. Wow--what lovely quilts they all are! I really love that old floral--it reminds me of my Grand'mere's quilts a lot where she used a lot of leftover cotton dress and blouse fabrics. thanks for sharing...hugs, Julierose

  2. What a wonderful show and tell! Lots of beautiful quilts full of colour!! I particularly love Terry quilts with flowers appliquéd over the top,

  3. I always come home so jazzed up when my quilting buddies get together. Your group does some awesome work.

  4. Boo Hoo! I am so sorry that I missed the fun, but so happy that I got a taste of your show n tell. When's the next get together? I hope I can make that one.

  5. Your group is very productive and full of inspiration!

  6. Thanks for sharing your friends great quilts! wow such diversity, isn't that fun!
    the nine patch is really happy and fun
    looks like a fun quilty day

  7. What an amazing show and tell!

  8. Great quilts. What a productive group. Christine is amazing!!

  9. I wish I had gone in the sewing room right away like you did!


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