Thursday, May 8, 2014


I love to read blogs that are not quilt related too. You never know where you are going to find inspiration. I came across this blog by Lisa Daria. She is an artists who paints a picture every day! One of the things she says is,  "The small, intimate paintings of ordinary, everyday subjects reflect an optimism that outlasts the fleeting light and fragile objects." What a lovely thought!
You can also buy them if you are interested.

One of the first things that drew me in was the beautiful color.

I also like impressionistic art and would love to be able to paint like this!

I think children are very inspiring too. Last night my grandson Griffin had a Spring Concert. Their innocence and unpretentious state of being is so wonderful.

Brother, Elliot incognito....
My point is made.....

During intermission we were invited to go see their artwork that hangs in the hallways.

They were spectacular!

Elliot's self portrait. He is in 1st grade, how wonderful is this? Yes his eyes are that blue. If you took the mask off in the previous picture you would see this looks just like him.

Griffin's work....note the clicker on the arm of the couch and the welcome mat at the door. It's amazing how much they really see.

If you look you can find inspiration everywhere. Think how amazing these colors would be in a quilt?



  1. What an inspirational post! Love the paintings. I like the fact that they are small. Those brush strokes looks so powerful!
    Kids are is priceless. Lots of inspiration all around..Got to love that mask!

  2. Those painting are wonderful. The beautiful colours and brushwork really capture the essence of the flowers. What a great art show at the concert too!! You are so right there is inspiration everywhere.

  3. Those paintings are beautiful.I love all the color too. Elliot looks so cute in his disguise. His self portrait does look like him. All of the kids art is so cool. Love aqll the color.

  4. I think the kids artwork would make amazing quilts.

  5. Ht looks like Griffin inherited his Grandmothers artistic talent.

  6. I think you need to buy yourself some paints and have fun. I love the children's artwork, too!

  7. This is why I love your blog....always something beautiful to look at!

  8. I'm touched by those drawings! I think drawing is more important than you think and I think it should be stimulated much more here in school and at home. Children can learn so much from it and gain confidence from it if they get the right feedback from people around them. Those small flower paintings are great inspiration, you are very right about that. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you for including the paintings on the blog - it is such a thoughtful post, I'm delighted! And I love seeing the children's work too - such energy!

  10. wonderful post about art. I love those painting and too wish I could paint.
    I also love the kids art. Kids are so free and unrestrained which makes their artwork so authentic - love it!


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