Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tuesday Post

I am working with a new color scheme. I don't think I have ever made anything red, white and blue. It's a fresh and eye catching collection of color to be sure. Whenever I see red, white and blue I think of my friend Cynthia in Arkansas, it is one of her favorite combinations. Hi Cynthia!

I cut my background pieces out wrong so I will have to finish these up tomorrow. I like the dark blue and the medium shades of blue along with the red.

Today I taught part 3 of our 4 part applique class at the Quilt Block in Exton. This class was all about machine applique. Here Rita Marie and Suzanne are using their practice pieces before they commit to the real block.

Everyone did real well. Doris had her daughter help her pick out her colors. I am excited for you to see their finish projects.

Jane picked out batik fabrics and was busy fusing down purple flowers at the end of the day.

Marcia completed her hand applique block and made it into a wall hanging! Way to go!
I gave all the ladies home work, let's see if they come back in 2 weeks with it completed.......



  1. Your red white and blue combo looks wonderful, especially with that fun background fabric. It's wonderful to see photos of your students hard at work with their appliqué. I bet they all do their homework because it would fun sewing homework .

  2. Red white and Blue! Will it be ready before July? I have made only one.. and it is quite subdued not as beautiful and true RWB combo. I think you have some really sincere students working away. Looking forward to their finished quilts.

  3. The red/white/blue combo is alway good. I really like your blues.
    Your students are looking like they are making good progress. And having fun.

  4. Red, white and blue is by far my favorite combination. All I can say is, be still my heart!!

  5. Well, we must be having patriotic colors on the mind. I was playing with a red, white and blue Bee block yesterday and hope to have it posted today. I am with Rita & Suzanne-- to have a practice piece before the real deal!! Looks like a great time!

  6. Love the RW&B combination. And it is lovely to see everyone working hard and enjoying the class.

  7. hooray for the R,W&B! Even though it is a traditional color combination - this one is definitely "kelly" - bright and fun.
    lucky to students to have you as a teacher


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