Monday, April 14, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday

Wow what a great conversation on favorite colors! So far aqua is winning, I have to say I am surprised. I thought it would be blue or red.  If you would like to read the comments or vote, read this post.
You have less than a day to vote, leave a comment and a chance to win 4 fat quarters in the color of your choice. I will announce the winner sometime tomorrow.

My grandsons, Griffin and Elliot were over this weekend and we had a sleepover. No sewing was accomplished but we played jump rope and catch. It was too nice to be indoors. I got a kick out of them asking me to sing the jump rope songs of my youth....engine, engine number 9, rolling down Chicago line...does anyone even know that one?

I also realized I forgot to show you the finished kitchen/family room at my brother in law's home that my husband renovated. I love how this turned out and isn't that a cool overhead light fixture?

Here is the other side with the finished kitchen. It turned out so nice and my sister in law loves it. She is surprised every morning when she comes down stairs!

There are a lot of things to think about when 2 rooms flow together, her choices are great!

This is a microwave/oven that cooks thing fast. I never saw one like this before.

I like the subway tile backsplash too. I want to put it in my bathroom eventually.

So I know it is not a sewing post but the crazy spring days are here. Time is at a premium. This morning I was up at 4:30, read my book until 6:00 and got tons of chores done before 9:00. There is something about the birds singing that gets me out of bed!



  1. I can see why aqua is winning, it's such a fun fresh colour that goes with all the other colours. I bet the sleepover was fun. I used to love skipping when I was little but I don't remember the songs, how bad is that! The kitchen/living room looks amazing!! like a magazine. The morning birds are chirping here as I write this comment.

  2. I enjoyed the weather this weekend and then...the snow! It's crazy, I tell ya...crazy! Love the pics! Thanks for sharing! XO

  3. Hey, I recognize that skipping song, Kelly! It's amazing how these things stay in your memory, just waiting to be shared - my sons are always asking how I can remember all those little ditties from childhood. ;o)

    The kitchen looks awesome. I even think I recognize that light fixture from a kitchen my hubby is finishing - I'll take pics once everything is done, but I'm sure the customer put the same fixture in her dining area. lol

  4. I have like aqua for years, but I do not like it with red. My favorite combos w aqua are lime, yellow, orange, black. I need to use up some of my stash of aqua. This got me thinking about a new project.

  5. It's always fun to read your posts. You keep life so real, Kelly. It's nice to see you're enjoying outdoor weather now (after such a horribly long and snowy winter) and that you're spending time with precious grandsons. It's great to see your BIL/SIL home reno. You have a very talented husband do be able to do that sort of thing. Not all of us are fortunate to be married to someone like that! However, my DH cooks, and that's not to be made light of... in fact, it can make me heavy! Ha.

  6. Aqua is a great color these days, so many good fabric prints available to work with that my color faves change all the time. Thanks for showing the pics of the finished remodel. I have a lot of remodel dreams but a very slow husband when it comes to that kind of work.:)

  7. I remember engine number 9. Had not thought about it until your post. Lol! This week pink is my fav color.

  8. I think you meant it was great to be "outdoors". It is so nice not to hear the furnace go all day and night! I know that jump rope song! The train jumped off the track - isn't it funny that we would chant about a tragedy? ha ha
    Aqua is not in my color vocab, but I love how you use it.
    Wow your SIL family room kitchen is stunning!

  9. Does your husband make house calls? ;-D Just wait to see what mother nature brings you today........Preview picture on my blog. Yes, really! That's what we woke up to this morning!

  10. I think our favorite jumping song was Teddy Bear Teady Bear turn around.... do you know that one?
    The reno is beautiful, the kitchen is a dream and the family room looks like such a welcoming, comfy place. Your hubby did a great job.

  11. Your in-laws' new rooms are so lovely. Your husband did a fabulous job!

  12. Wow, that's gorgeous! Your husband does good work!

  13. The kitchen Reno is just fabulous. I went on a kitchen tour a couple of weeks ago in Wilmington and those microwave drawers were all the rage. Griffin is getting sooo big. I never played jump rope. I was a tom boy.


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