Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thread Painting Workshop

Still Life #3 by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Today our guild sponsored a workshop by Susan Brubaker Knapp. I wanted to learn more about thread painting so I thought I would give it a try. This was to be our subject, an apple, lemon and pear.

As you can see right off the bat I did not follow the apple and pear are floating and not sitting on the table. I do like the fabrics I picked, they are all hand dyes.

Susan was a good teacher and she had lots of tips and encouragement. She even did a demo on the stitching part, which I like. It gives you a feel for how it works.

Christine and I shared a table and some thread. One of the things I liked about the workshop is that I did not need to buy a ton of supplies. I only had to purchase some heavy weight interfacing. I really like how my piece turned out. I will show it to you once it is quilted.

Here is some of Susan's work......

this was so fun!

The detail in this piece was amazing, check out the windshields on the cars....all stitched to look "hazy".

check out all that detail.....

To see these in person is a real treat, Susan's stitching is very nice and she has had lots of practice.
These are best viewed from across the room as all the threads blend and shade for a perfect art quilt.



  1. Loved seeing ALL the quilts! Sounds like a GREAT class. ;)

  2. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful art!

  3. What a great opportunity. Susan's work is amazing!

  4. incredible work!! It is amazing to me how thread painting adds so much dimension. I can't wait to see what you get up to with this new skill.

  5. The detail is just amazing. We had a class at the shop and even the flowers done in class were so cool. I look forward to seeing your finished fruit.

  6. Those are some stunning quilts you showed! Can't wait to see yours when it is completed!

  7. I like the way you've got magic floating fruit!! What a wonderful class to take. It's wonderful that Susan brought in so many of her amazing quilts, no doubt you are super inspired to practise your new skill.

  8. I have seen Susan on Quilting Arts videos but not that work -- isn't it wonderful?


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