Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Thursday

My lovely knife is from Target

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here in the Mid-Atlantic region. The morning was chilly and as the sun rose it warmed up to a perfect 73 degrees. I was feeling a little like Susie Homemaker.

My friend Terry posted this recipe on her blog and I wanted to try it. All I can say is don't have any good bread in the house or you will eat the entire pan before dinner. So for all of you who are swimming in tomatoes, you might enjoy making these. I am also going to try it with my cherry tomatoes.

They look a little funky but taste divine!

The hardest part (for me) was peeling all the garlic. I also made quite a mess.

While they were cooking I was cutting a bunch more 5" squares to finish up what I need to turn these into.....

these to turn into...........

these......They are 12" blocks and the final goal is to make 56 blocks for a 7 block by 8 block quilt.

This is one of the fabrics used in the quilt. Don't you love that X! It makes me want to practice my penmanship.

I also found this cool fabric at my LQS, Chester County Quilting. It's a Robert Kauffman if you need to know. The peace signs are about 1 1/2" high.

A couple of months ago I lost my trusty 6 1/2" ruler. True story, yesterday as I was cutting up the 5" squares it appeared out of no where. I am thinking it was tucked into a folded piece of material and slipped out without me noticing but still.......!

If I could only grow 2 flowers, they would be zinnias and nasturtiums. Nasturtiums have the most lovely delicate fragrance. Right now they are in full bloom, they also fit right in with a fall color scheme. I love the red ones but for some reason they did not come up this year. If you have never tried this it is super easy to grow with big giant seeds. Oh and you can eat them and the leaves too.

The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza opens today. I am anxious to see some quilts!



  1. What a fun busy post! I love roasted tomatoes - this would be delish on pasta with lots of cheese. I make that with cherry tomatoes.
    why is garlic such a pain, and why do I love it so much, lol.
    Wonderful B&W fabrics and super fun HST blocks!!
    have fun at the show

  2. What a fun post of wonderful random things!! Love them all!

  3. Fun! I love that knife! You find the coolest things! Those hsts look so inviting. I wish I was sewing these days.
    Can't wait to hear about the show.

  4. If those tomatoes were in my house with the bread they would not last 5 minutes. I love tomatoes. The only problem is when I have to deal with garlic or onions I can not stand the small on my hands when I am done. But for this I would deal with it.
    The HST are so pretty...looks like many fun fabrics with great colors.
    Have fun at the quilt show.
    Today I hung the minis for the silent auction at our guild quilt show. I will be posting some pics from the show after it is over.

  5. Food - yum! Gorgeous fabric and blocks - yum! Beautiful flowers - mmmmm!
    But most of all I wish I was there so I could go to see the quilts!!!

  6. What a lovely post.....your fabric selection is right up my alley!! LOVE


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