Monday, December 31, 2012

The Story of 32 Quilts

Ahh the Christmas holiday, full of family, food and mostly fun. I am finding out that as I get older I like CONSISTANCY, ROUTINE and a lot less CHAOS. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the little kids faces on Christmas morning, the excitement of watching them open their presents and the whole magic of the holiday. I just want it to last for only 2 days and not 2 weeks!

My husband and I come from large families. It is very typical for a Christmas Eve to have about 40+ people and they are all family, no friends. It is controlled chaos with lots of hugs and kisses and good food. I think this year's most interesting present was a disco ball, complete with colored lights.

This is a very small house we pass by on the way home, it is about the size of most people's garages. Every year they decorate to the hilt! Every square inch of their house and yard is covered with some kind of lit up decoration. I think they add to it every year too. The grandkids call it the "crazy house".

Dylan and Mary gave this to us for Christmas, I am thrilled. We lose power a lot so now we can make coffee. We had to read the directions because we grew up with Mr Coffee.

Nancy opening a present

OK now to the story of the 32 mother in law, Nancy came to stay with us for a few days. Her daughter Ellen also spent the night. Nancy was tired and went to bed early while Ellen and I stayed up to visit a little longer.
The next morning Ellen and I got up to go to a Zumba class when it hit me. I store all my quilts on the guest bed and cover them up with a quilt from Pottery Barn. This way they lie flat, they don't get exposed to the sun to fade, a perfect storage spot, except that I forgot to take them off the bed.
Yes my mother in law slept on top of all the quilts! She said it was a little warm.......I am still scratching my head!

So as the year ends I will not make any resolutions. I feel like a resolution is a set up for failure. Instead I want to make some goals, it just sounds more positive. Maybe I am just fooling myself? What goals or resolutions are you making? I think I need some sewing goals but I also need some house goals, painting, cleaning and organizing etc. I tend to let my house go when I am in the midst of a sewing project and it bugs me. I am the product of a mother that had floors you could eat off of...not that I want to aspire to that but at least clean enough to not have it nag at me.

Happy New Year to all my quilting friends! Happy birthday to my grandson Griffin, who turns 8 today!!!



  1. What a sweet story. I was afraid Nancy would have thought she needed to get under all of those. I'm glad she slept more like the Princess and the Pea!

  2. It's wonderful to see how you and your family celebrated Christmas. Tiring though, I'm sure. Love that little percolator coffee pot! It reminds me of my Grandma, and I can just imagine the wonderful scent it produces. No 2013 lists for me either. Just a strong desire to complete several UFOs, and make lots of quilts! How's that for a goal?!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time with family all around.
    The quilts on the bed is a funny story. I think I would have been so happy to sleep with all those wonderful quilts. LOl
    Have a happy 2013 and enjoy whatever you do.

  4. Sounds like bedding fit for a queen! I would have stayed up all night looking at your quilts... Happy New Year!

  5. I know how you feel. We have Christmas Eve dinner also there are 5 of us with spouses, children, grandchildren and a few friends. It's always crazy! This year some of the caravan traveled to Ocala Fl. to my little brothers house. We drove down and back, I'm still trying to recuperate!
    I've decided to only buy fabric this year if I have a special request my stash can't fill. I hope to make it to June at least.
    Once DD heads back to school I hope to start a routine where I can get my cleaning and sewing done without neglecting one for the other.
    Happy New Year to you and your family Kelly.

  6. How funny! I would have pulled all of the quilts off and looked at them one by one, then had trouble sleeping from all the ideas buzzing through my head.:)

  7. I use any excuse not to do housework but sometimes it nags me too!

    Funny story about the quilts!

    I prefer piece and quiet to noise and chaos. My WM has been on leave for the past twelve days and eleven of those days we've had our two grandsons here -- it's gotten to be too much. WM is going back to work tomorrow -- exhausted! I've told DD that we don't need to see her for the next few days, when her dad gets home from his managerial job he'll want peace and quiet, not noise! We love our boys but one can have too much of a good thing!

  8. This looks like a lovely way to enjoy Christmas.
    Interesting way to sleep!

  9. I loved your post and your transparency....I sure understand just what you are saying, Kelly! I've decided to adopt a word for the year...FINISH. It is really starting to bug me that I have so many projects that sit on the shelf unfinished and yet I continue to start more. I'm not vowing to NOT start another project, but do have a goal of finishing more! (You should put a pea under those 32 quilts and see if your MIL is really a princess the next time she sleeps over!) LOL

  10. that just made me lol! good thing she didn't try to sleep under all of them!
    I am with you I set goals and I try and do them by the month so much more attainable for me...
    I am a huge list maker and find that helps with the daily to do stuff and weekly to do stuff in the house.
    happy new year!

  11. I thought you were going to say she slept under them. Good on her for getting in and being cosy and having a good sleep. Being surrounded by your quilts would surely encourage happy dreams. Your Christmas looks happy and busy! Love the Christmas house! Happy birthday to Griffin and Happy New Year to you. Ps I'm not making resolutions either.

  12. We call that house the "electric gingerbread house"! It's become a tradition to walk up to see it every year, sometimes on New Year's Eve at midnight, though this year we did it at Thanksgiving.I can't figure out if there are new pieces this year.
    I find the older I get the more appealing January becomes with quiet winter days to hibernate, read or sew.
    Happy new Year!Debby

  13. Happy New Year
    Your Christmas sounds festive and fun! loved the photos with all those kids.
    The story of the quilts is a hoot. That is too funny.
    I need to start my goal list too. More house cleaning/redoing and lots of sewing.
    time management and balance will be the key to it for me.

  14. Sounds like a great Christmas! Mine was also very family-oriented. It does get on top of you sometimes and you occasionally feel claustrophobic but it's worth it for all the happy memories, in my opinion!


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