Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I have been stitching every night. As soon as dinner is over and the kitchen is clean I RUN into the family room and grab my applique to see how much I can get done before 9:00. That is about my time limit plus I like to read before I fall asleep.
I am enjoying the Stars and Sprigs, as long as a block is prepped it goes pretty fast.

Just in case a block gets finished I also have my other project that I talked about HERE to work on until I get the next Stars and Sprigs block ready.

I really enjoy cut away applique, it is simple and easy to do. Very little decisions have to be made except for one fabric. You do it exactly as the name, cut a bit and applique, cut a little bit more and applique...... It keeps the pattern very symetrical and fraying is very minimal.

Yesterday I went in to my local quilt shop, The Quilt Block because I was almost out of Mary Ellen's Best Press. I love this stuff and it also smells so good. The have a few different fragrances but I like the Linen Fresh. No flakes and no clogged sprayer.

While I was there they had a beautiful quilt top that instantly caught my eye. I have been looking for a pattern to make my daughter a quilt for her wedding and this is the one. She wants more purple, blues and greens so these colors won't work. If you like it they sell all the fabric and pattern in a kit so you might just want to stop by and get yourself a little Christmas present....
The blocks are 16x16 which is a good size, it makes a big quilt with only 20 blocks, I think twin size.

Is there anything better than some new colored pencils and some cool looking empty notebooks? Ahhh, the pristine pages waiting for some ideas and drawings to be put down.



  1. You have been having way too much fun.

  2. Your appliqué is lovely. And Best Press...well, it is the best!

  3. lots the dotty background for the springs quilt - fun fabrics.
    Your cut away looks great.
    I'm looking forward to some serious applique' time soon -

  4. The applique looks great!
    I like new colored pencils and new notebooks, any kind. Just like when it was back to school time.Only no homework now. :)

  5. I love seeing what you are up to. Such fun appliqué. The cut away appliqué is an interesting technique. I've heard how that spray smells so wonderf, I haven't seen it in Australia but ill keep an eye out. That new quilt pattern is really fun, looking forward to seeing your version.

  6. You obviously enjoy needle turn applique, and it looks like you're doing it beautifully. I've done what you're doing and didn't like it much. Something about keeping the layers together so the applique didn't move around seemed impossible, and you have to have such GOOD lighting to make nice stitches. I never found the proper set-up for doing it. Finally I reached the conclusion that hand applique isn't my thing. I say that, and guess what I've been doing lately... a bit of necessary hand applique on a mostly-pieced quilt top. Guess I can never say "never."

  7. Your appliqué looks gorgeous. Love the spotty background! Have fun with the new pencils and notebooks!!


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