Monday, January 30, 2012

Mosaic Monday

I took a class this weekend and learned how to make a mosaic! It is so much fun and a very creative.

First you sketch out a picture.

Next you select the colors you think you want to use. At first my flower was going to be reds and oranges but I changed my mind and went for the blues.

Cutting the glass is very easy, I thought that would be the hardest part. There is a piece of contact paper, sticky side up on top of my design. You place your glass on the contact paper following your design.

Here is my design completed, I was super happy the way it turned out. Rachael, just realized it is a blue daisy!!!

Here is a close up before I grouted it. I loved piecing all those little puzzles in place. Kind of like quilting!
Here is a close up of the piece completely grouted and dry. I enjoyed working with glass and might just have to try it again sometime.

My instructor was Amy Bruckner of Piece of Mind Mosaics. As an added bonus she only lives 5 minutes away!! This is a table she made.

Here is a round piece, waves and a mermaid.
This was great fun. If you ever are tempted give it a try.
Sorry my pictures are not that great, learning how to use Picasa. Need some more lessons Sujata!!!



  1. Your piece is so pretty! I like that you showed how your design developed. It brought back a memory... we did this in junior high. I remember putting the glass (or maybe it was ceramic?) tiles on a square of masonite, grouting it, and using it as a trivet afterward. It IS much like piecing a quilt. Very nice, Kelly, and fortunate for you to be near to someone who does it so well.

  2. I love it Kelly. I have a coffee table that I've been thinking of doing something like that with.Thought I'd use old plates that are broken. I'll have to check the place out.
    Debbi F

  3. Yay a blue daisy!! Your mosaic is really beautiful! I have a courtyard that I would love to moasaic a wall of. You are lucky to have such a good teacher so close to you. Will you do some more?

  4. Your mosaic looks great! What a wonderful opportunity to have to do this class.

  5. I tried mosaics a few years ago but miner wasn't as nice as yours!

  6. That's awesome Kelly, looks like you had fun!

  7. Kelly,
    I am in! I love your blue daisy! Liked reading how the process went too. Wonder if we can have a class for all of us in the group.

  8. awsome!stop me! I want to start!

  9. awsome!stop me! I want to start!

  10. I love mosaics - yours turned out great! I've done a small project, but would love to try i larger one - how fun that it's so close to you!

  11. What a great class - had two really great students! I loved what y'all did. And I would love to do a class for those interested. Let me know!


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