Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Friday

How pretty are these on a warm winter day? It was 60 degrees here today, way too warm.

I took a class with Barb Persing today to learn how to use this very cool ruler called Leaves Galore

You fuse Misty Fuse on to a strip of fabric (this example show a 2" strip), line up the edge of the fabric on the ruler and carefully trim the edge, as shown above.

Flip it around, line up your dotted line and cut the top edge.........

A perfect leaf! Now I am sure you are thinking big whoop one whole leaf for all that work. What you do is line up 3 or 4 fabrics on top of each other and all of a sudden you now have 12 to 16 leaves!!!!

Next we lined up our leaves on the background fabric.......

Here is what mine look like.........

Blanket stitch around the edge, best part is you don't have to stop and start, it is done in one continous line of stitching (yeah!).

I got quite a few done in class, even if I also did a lot of talking with my fellow classmates.

These are a couple of examples of Barb's quilts that she has made using this ruler. This one is called Hope Diamond. The ruler also comes in 3 sizes.

Love the green!

This was our class example available from Barb Persing and Mary Hoover of Fourth and Sixth Designs at

This was done in batiks. She has a great eye for color!

 Barb also does long arm quilting and her quilts are gorgeous. Just look at this detail.

I would never think to do that in the petals.....

Here is a bigger shot of the quilt.
It was an enjoyable day out and a much needed break for me. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be taking another class in something totally different, it has nothing to do with sewing. How is that for cliff hanger?


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  1. There is some gorgeous work there!

    I took a class in FMQ last week but I forgot my camera so have no photos of my teacher's gorgeous work! :-(

  2. Love those leaves--what a cool ruler--I am envious; despite my LH I was able to cut out a few lil' baskets and handles to applique when I am better....can't keep a quilter down for too long ( thanks for your kind comment) Julierose

  3. Very cool. And to think of all the hours I spent cutting out my petals. Sounds like you had a well-needed fun day, Yay!

  4. Very cool! I've never seen this ruler. Beautiful quilts, too!

  5. So Cool! Love your polka dot laves! It's going to be a true 'Kelly' quilt!

  6. At first I thought you must have gotten a Go Cutter thingy. What a clever ruler. I love the colours you're using. So many gorgeous sample quits it's hard not to jump on and order a ruler.

  7. very cool ruler, kind of like a portable accuquilt cutter. such pretty quilts enjoyed seeing the quilting.

  8. Great eye candy Kelly.
    That ruler looks very cook, and OMG I think it's just what I need to make a quilt I want to make.
    Where can I get one?


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