Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diary Quilt Tuesday

I am really looking forward to making a block that is not dictated in some way by the holidays. I may rue those words in the coming weeks....!
Obviously it is the New Year and then my grandson Griffin turned 7 on New Year's Eve. I asked him to draw a picture of himself so I could include it. He was busy playing with his new toys and did a quick sketch of himself.

Pretty cute!

My friend Cheryl of Cheryl Lynch Quilts is also doing a year long block of places she is visiting.

Here is her first one. It is going to be fun to have a friend do this also!

On a very sad note. Some people that we know lost their house in a fire the day after Christmas. Luckily no one was home, so physically they are ok. The children are only 3 and 8 and lost all their toys, books etc that they got for Christmas not to mention the disruption in their lives.
If you would like to donate something or just follow along on their progress, one of the family members started a blog and  you can check it out here Carobine Fire Recovery . I can't imagine leaving my house in the morning and coming home to find everything gone. They are from a wonderful family and I know their love and support will get them through this loss.



  1. Griffins self portrait is so cute!! I guess your diary is already showing you how many holidays there are. I'm so sorry to hear of your friends house burning down, how truly awful.

  2. Love the fireworks!Sorry about your friends. Now You'll have to put each of the grandchildren on a block!

  3. I'm so sorry about your friends' home and glad they are all safe.

    I love the block for Griffin's birthday. Having his self-portrait was suuh a cute idea - I may have to borrow it.

  4. Another fabulous block, I'm loving what you come up with and Cheryl's looks great too. I'm sorry to hear of your friends loss, I hope they get back on track with lots of help.

  5. Oh, how sad! I hope they get lots of practical support. I will hold them up in prayer as practical support from this distance is not so practical.

  6. Oh so cute! I love sketches made by little people!
    I am so sorry to hear about your friends' home. Do they live in town? I will look up the link.
    Love Cheryl's block too. It will be fun to see both of you working on this project.

  7. I love that block very cute, having Cheryl join you is going to make it fun to compare blocks! Self portrait how fun is that? years from now Griffin will just laugh at that picture! one you will treasure forever.
    I am so sorry for your friends loss, sad.


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