Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Am Seeing The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Life has been very full for the past week...all good but it left me no time to post. I miss it and I am behind in reading all my favorite blogs.
I took a workshop with Frieda Andersen last week on machine quilting. I really enjoyed it and urge you to take a class with her if you have the opportunity. She is lovely and has tons of good tips for machine quilting. I will share her best tip...practice! so simple but really the truth. The more you do it the better you get.

She even used our machines to show us it is not the machine but the this picture I turned mine on an angle to try and keep the table from didn't work.
She had things for sale.....

and lots of eye candy....

Later that day I went to a "Granny's Tea" with Elliot at his preschool.....he loved showing me his artwork and his cool room. They had little treats in a basket and apple juice.

My granddaughter Fallon turned 8 (how can that be?)....

We took a quick trip to LBI (Long Beach Island) with friends on motorcylces and froze.....

Picked what are probably the last of my flowers from the garden and marveled at how well Mother Nature can do color. The next post I will show some quilts from the quilt show.



  1. A very busy week indeed but there was some quilting in it so that was a bonus.

    Happy birthday Fallon.

  2. Looks like you had a great time. What a great class that would have been. xo

  3. I took a class with frieda, and that is when I finally "got" free-motion quilting! She's a grand teacher...

  4. What a fun week!! I keep wishing the magic free motion fairy will wave her wand over me and I'll wake up as a perfect quilter. Your tip of practise is more realistic! The class sounds wonderful!! So does Granny tea! Elliot would have been so proud to have his lovely granny see his class room! Happy Birthday to Fallon!! Beautiful bright flowers!! I love the ocean when it's cold and grey, wonderful subtle colours.

  5. I love Freida's work, loved the photos joanne


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