Friday, August 12, 2011

A Sigh of Relief

I have been a little busy and a little preoccupied. Busy making some more of these mini quilts for a local shop, The Quilt Block that wants me to teach a class. Thank you everyone who sent a prayer and good wishes to my sister in law and her brother in law. The kidney transplant went well. At first Jan was in a lot of pain but is feeling much better now. David felt better immediately and is raring to go home! Jan should leave the hospital tomorrow and David on Monday. I was in the hospital longer when I had my kids!....though that was in the 70's and 80's......still we are talking about a transplant! Please consider becoming a donor it really is a wonderful thing to do.

I have a fun little thing to show you today. It is an envelope made from the page of a magazine. It is very green and a fun thing to make.
First ripout a pretty or appropriate picture for your recipient.

I am using this to mail a post card. I decided not to send it "naked" so it doesn't get messed up in the mail. I put the post card in the middle of the page and fold in the sides.

Next fold up the bottom to make a crease. Nothing is glued down yet.

Put some double sided tape on both sides (see the little red letters).

Remove the paper on the double sided tape and fold up the bottom and press down.

Next fold down the top to make a crease.

 Add tape to the top flap and the sides ....note in this picture I made a mistake and put them on the bottom, they should be on the top.

Remove the paper and press down all ready to go. Please note I did add some clear packing tape to the side to make a little sturdier. Next use a sticker label and send it off. I would take it to the post office to make sure you have the right postage.
You might even be able to get the kids to write thank you notes!

Yesterday my granddaughter Maddy and I spent the day together. She wanted to dump out my selvedges, so I let her. As you can see I need to do something with these, I have a lot! People are always giving them to me.

She is such a little lovey!


  1. so glad to hear the great news on the transplant patients. I've always wanted to register to be a donor, so this year when the kids go back to school, I'm going to follow through!
    I love your hollyhock block so much - it's just a delight.
    The envelope idea is fantastic. I love recycling beauty!
    Your granddaughter is adorable -

  2. The Holllyhock is gorgeous! It looks like they chose the right person to teach the class. : )

    What a clever way to mail your special post cards. I made one once and chickened out on mailing it "naked".

    It looks like Maddy's ready to play? Maybe another future quilter? :)

    I'm so glad the transplant went well. I can't believe they send them home so soon! 'd be afraid to go so quickly.

  3. Your Mini Quilt class will be full in no time when they see that gorgeous quilt. How sweet is Maddy playing your selvages! You're so much fun for letting her dump them out. Your grandchildren must see your house as a wonderful fabric wonderland! Or maybe that's how I imagine it. I love your envelope idea!! It's got a big daisy on it!! If I'm lucky... :-)

  4. great news wish them a speedy recovery. joanne

  5. Glad to hear that Jan and David are doing well, you didn't mention Jan's husband so I hope he's okay too.

    Riel, over at the Q and the U blog, is making a quilt from her selvages.

    Your grand-daughter is a cutie!

  6. Great news, it sounds like the transplant went so well. We register to be donors on our drivers license, is it the same there?
    Love the pics of Maddy, what a sweetie. Thaks for sharing the recycling idea, I'm going to pass that one on.


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