Friday, December 31, 2021

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul tutorial


I'm ending the year in the pink! This will be a baby quilt that I hope to finish it this weekend. Sorry the pictures are so dark, it is a gloomy day here.

I love this background print that is from a collection called Grace from MODA and the designer is Benda Riddle. I thought it was so sweet and very girly. I got it at the Old Country Store in Intercourse PA.

To continue with my pink theme I am doing some school house blocks. This is a pattern I have always wanted to do. It is in the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, they have a paper piece pattern to make these. If you look at the one in the top right, you can see a mistake......sometimes that happens!

So this is the pattern, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. This is the pattern on point. I am seriously thinking of going this route. Do you see the blue as the main background color or do you see the white?

This is a straight set, a nice pattern and I may make another to use this setting.

This is 4 blocks sewn together in the straight set. You will need to make 2 in the opposite color way. 

Same blocks turned on an angle or on point. If you make this setting, you will need to make half blocks to fill in. I will show you those once I get to that point.

To make this block you can look for a pattern or you can make your own, which is what I did. My backgrounds (the white in this block) were cut into  6 1/2" squares. For the slices (the blue fabric) mine are 4 3/4" long and at the middle they measure 1 1/8" high. Play around on paper until you get something you like or buy a pattern.

So I decided to do an easy applique technique. I made a template of the "slice" piece and traced it on some interfacing.

Next I cut out my fabric a smidge larger than the interfacing and sewed them, right sides together. Don't forget you need some that are blue and some that are white. Trim the excess fabric. This is a very gentle curve and easy to sew.

It will look like this. Remember to add a seam allowance at the bottom. Notice I only sewed the curve.

Carefully turn, using a turning tool if necessary to smooth the curve. Be careful not to poke through the interfacing. I run my tool on the fabric edge.

Press until it is flat.

You will need 4 for each block. Center it along the edge with raw edges together. I put 2 tiny dots of glue on the interfacing, to hold it in place. I plan on taking these to my bee, so I don't want to worry about them moving.

I also trimmed the seam allowance pretty thin to reduce bulk.

Take the time to make that curved edge nice and smooth so you get a nice edge on your piece. Remember this is your "finished" piece. It will only look as good as you sew it. If you go off the curve and there is a dent, re-do it or it will drive you crazy! It will also throw off the pattern.

Applique as desired along the curved edge, I am doing mine by hand but you could absolutely do it by machine. Once the block is done, I cut away both the interfacing and the background fabric to reduce bulk. It made for a nice flat block. I recommend leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

This is the interfacing I used and I love it! It is not too thin, so it tears easily and it is not too thick that it is bulky. As Goldilocks would say it was just right!
This technique made these blocks go so fast because the edge is already turned under. I hope you will give this a try and if you do, let me know!

Today is a special day for our family. My oldest grandson, Griffin turns 17! He is such a good kid and all the little kids in the family just love him. He also very tall, 6 feet 6" and counting! He is our gentle giant and a joy to be around. I am excited to see what the world will hold for him in the future. He has one of those personalities that gets along with everyone. Happy birthday Griff!

This is for Quayquilter. I got your response to my post but could not answer. 

The quilt is called Friendship Circle: A Sampler Quilt. In case you couldn't tell the blocks finish at (I think) 5". So some of the pieces are small but I didn't find them too hard. I bought this as a kit at a quilt show so the fabrics were included. If you go to her web site I think she has kits for some of her patterns. Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and let's hope it is better than the past 2 years, we all need a break!



  1. I love your Robbing Peter... blocks. Thanks for sharing the technique you're using. I've always admired that pattern. What color is more dominate? Depends. Mostly I see the blue. I do like the diagonal set, but that seems to require quite a few more blocks. I say, Go for it!

  2. with interfacing you apparently are not using the fuseable kind. I've seen some doing that, and have the fusable adhere to the background fabric. When I saw you ironing it on the ironing board without a (?) non stick surface below I got concerned, then realized it was just interfacing without the glue dots.

  3. Super tutorial! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the inspiration all year long! Sending the warmest wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2022!

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