Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Summer Fun Project

Do you want to do something fun this summer? I found this Art Abandonment Project on the blog,  Quiltswissy the other day. Anyone can participate and it just may add some excitement to the hot days of August that are on their way.
The idea is that you make some piece of art and leave it (with or without the tag) in a public place for someone to find and to enjoy. I left this fabric pouch in the library yesterday (in the section near the Stephen King books). If you go to the website you will see there are all sorts of things people make and leave, sewing fits right in there! They are not limited to small pieces, some are full size paintings.
I am thinking of doing some fabric postcards or even some pincushions.
Has anyone ever found something like this? Inquiring minds needs to know!

I thought you might get a chuckle out of this. My grandson Griffin, tried to make his brother, Elliot a pair of shorts. He even got one side seam sewn before we found them in the sewing room. Pretty good for a 10 year old. They even had a button set aside........we better pay better attention to where they are at family dinners!



  1. This sounds fun - I wonder if there's anything like it in the UK??

  2. Those shorts crack me up! Totally reminds me of what my sisters and I tried to do when we were kids and full of ourselves.:) The art project sounds very interesting! How fun to find a little 'pick-me-up' somewhere!

  3. I've heard of that being done with books but not art. It would make anyone happy to receive one of your beautiful creations!! Those shorts are hilarious!! I love that they had the button picked out. Maybe you'll have to plan a shorts making day with the boys?

  4. I have never heard of the art 'pick me up' idea. I guess I wouldn't believe that it was ok to just pick something up and keep it. It's a lovely idea! How sweet that Griffin wanted to make his brother a pair of shorts. Such brotherly love!

  5. LOVE THIS! I am so keeping this idea for after Labor Day! when my life calms down a bit. What Fun!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I've never found art, but used to leave books in a similar project. How fun! I love the idea.
    The shorts are awesome!! so funny. Good for him - very creative - love the color. hope you didn't need that fabric for anything :)

  7. I'm dyeing laughing! Interesting color choice for the pants. I sure hope you are at JoAnns getting a pattern to sew some pants with Griffin. I found a book once! And I left a few. Heard about the art and sounds like fun. Gotta go-- racing to the library next.

  8. Interesting project idea.... Funny about the shorts! Laughing as I think of some of the choices of fabric they could have a special one for a specific project. Yikes!

  9. Wonderful idea on leaving the art. I will do that too, if people like it great and not they can give it to someone else.

    I would let the kids finish those pants, show them how and then put them on a stuffed animal so they know they did a good job! That is so neat that they are interested enough and have observed enough to do this. Enjoy their creativity and I love the color they chose.

    1. They could also stuff it like a pillow with legs and put a face on it for a doll, would be cute.

  10. I love this idea & will be doing it soon.
    The 'pants' are adorable. They have the broad stroke concept, they just need to work on the details. ;-)

  11. A very fun project, I read all about it. Makes want to do it here.
    Those trousers are very funny!! A very good attempt I would say.


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