Thursday, July 23, 2015


I just could not deal with the potholders from the last post.....when you don't feel it you know it just isn't right. So as I was cleaning up my messy table in my sewing room yesterday, I happened to find this pattern and decided to make them. I don't know who designed the pattern or even what magazine it was in. I ripped it out and put it on the "pile to make someday". I think they are pretty fun!

A couple of years ago my SIL gave me these very pretty sunflowers. The birds have helped me with all these volunteers! One of the things I like is that I can see them from my kitchen window, Right now the birds are landing on them and pecking out the seeds. It is delightful to watch and they are ensuring a new crop for next year......

Isn't it an amazing color? I love how they are eye level on the deck too.

Not only do the birds like them but so do the bees and the butterflies! A win-win.



  1. Hi Kelly, those pot holders are great and you made them so quickly! I love the sunflowers too. I have never seen them in that colour. Cheers, Bronwyn

  2. Those are the cutest pot holders, Kelly! Super gift idea and definitely would be something to make to keep, too. ;o)
    Oh, those are my favourite sunflowers - the colours are beyond pretty. Smiling to hear that the birds are helping with reseeding for next years crop. :o)

  3. Ok, those pot holders are really stinkin' cute. I can see why you decided to 'upgrade' LOL.
    The sunflowers are gorgeous. I plant them every year in my veggie garden to encourage good visitors. I really like the color of these. Pretty!

  4. Now these potholders look like "you"! They are too, too cute! I can see why you re-did them.

    Love those sunflowers. Such a beautiful color. I always have sunflower seeds in my bird feeder, so I know why the birds love your flowers! Funny, I've never gotten sunflowers from them here, although I did in California. The canyon we backed up to had lots of sunflowers, and it was my doing!

    By the way, an easy way to remove the paper from the Kaffe triangles is to dampen it with a sponge or something. It loosens up quickly and comes off real easy. It also doesn't mess up any stitching that way.

  5. Those Hot pot holders are really cool!! :) Sun flowers always make me think of you. These ones are particularly beautiful with that rich chocolate red colour.

  6. Never seen that color in a sunflower before- very dramatic looking. Also, love your potholders especially the "heat" triangles!

  7. Love a lot your potholders ! They are very original !
    Your sunflowers are amazing with this pretty !

  8. Sunflowers are summer! Yours are beautiful. Love the colorful, unusual ones the best. Love the new pot holders but the other ones weren't so bad. They always get crapped up so quickly anyway. Can't have too many.


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