Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rainy Thursday

How cute is this little bag? It's called the Pamela Pouch by Pretty By Hand and it is a perfect size for keeping small sewing things at hand. I may use it to store my sewing machine feet when I go to retreats.

I was thinking it might be a little hard to make but if you take it slow it goes together in no time!

I liked using different fabrics for all the parts.

I did not finish the insides according to the directions. You were to encase the raw edges with binding. I gave it a shot but mine did not looks so good so I zig zagged the edges instead.

I was very skeptical that the zipper would work out but it is, dare I say, PERFECT! Very easy to do.
Her directions are very good with lots of pictures.

I loved the bee ribbon used on each end, it's just the right touch.

If you are looking for a wonderful small print I got this at my local quilt shop, The Quilt Block yesterday. It has the feel of stars and dots all at the same time.

I got these cards the other day and love the vintage vibe.

I told my husband, Bob I would make him this groovy outfit for the fall. Doesn't it remind you of the Brady Bunch? Mr Brady in particular.....check out the white fuzzy vest on the guy in the back!

I cut these out for a block that I am sewing together today. Don't these colors just brighten up a gloomy, rainy day?



  1. Hi! Do you mind sharing where you got the notecards? I'm hate to say it, but we really did go around looking like that, haha! And do you know the name of the fabríc? It's really cute! I wish it was a rainy Thursday here. We really need it in Washington!


  2. What a pretty bag, you always choose the best fabrics and that zip is perfect!! I can just see my husband in those outfits, lounging on our 60's orange couch with our 70's curtains hanging in the background. No rain here but you've certainly brightened up my morning.

  3. You make the cutest bags. Those McCall's card are too fun. Been there, worn those!

  4. That little bag is lovely and you have done such a great job on it. You manage to create so many things so quickly! The old patterns sure are funny. We all thought they were so fabulous at the time, although maybe not all of them!! I used to think shoulder pads were the greatest thing ever invented and couldn't believe I lived so long without them! We sure could use some rain here but we have had some beautiful bright sunny winter days so you cant complain about that.

  5. Your little bag is adorable, Kelly! I would have finished the inside edges just as you did. Way easier. And I think you have the perfect idea to use it to store sewing machine feet. I'm envious that you have a local quilt shop. We don't anymore. The nearest is 30 miles away, and it's a mostly traditional shop. I don't even bother. Instead, I'm doing all online ordering now, and it isn't easy because one shop doesn't stock everything I want. Oh, the problems of a quilter! :-)

  6. Your little pouch is gorgeous with lovely fabrics ! Bravo !
    Love the others fabrics too !
    No rain for us in France since's hard and we definitively need some !!!

  7. This is a lovely bag. I love your fabrics too, they do make me happy;)


  8. So very Brady Bunch!! I'm sure Bob will look gorgeous in that outfit!! Sweet bag and love all your fabrics.

  9. Love your version of the Pamela Pouch, Kelly! A really pretty combination of fabrics in a sweet design.

    Smiling over those notecards and thankful that fashions change. ;o)

    Looking forward to seeing what you're making next... love the fabrics you've been cutting for your block.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  10. You are a master at mixing prints... Love it!

  11. I'm pretty sure I made Gary that plaid outfit. Love the little bag. Perfect for lots of things.

  12. Proof that some fashions should NOT come back into style ever again...LOL. I think the bag is adorable.

  13. what a cute bag. I love the shape. I think of that as "kelly blue"
    lol I love vintage patterns and the mens are the best!

  14. Your Pamela Pouch is too cute. And I love your fabric choice-makes the bag PERFECT!
    Thank you for a good chuckle this morning too-your Brady Bunch note card was just what I needed. :)


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