Friday, November 1, 2013

Tricks and Treats

Caitlin, Dylan, Johnson and Colin circa 1987
A bumble bee with a tutu, an Indian, a punk rocker and a witch. I miss those days when they were so excited to dress up and planned it for weeks.

Dylan, Maddy, Fallon, Elliot, Noah, Griffin and a  neighborhood friend
Fast forward to today. Now the grandchildren are in the thick of it! Dylan dresses up every year! This year he was Vern from Stand By Me, my kid's favorite movie. Sage from the American Girl Doll, Scream {this one still scares me}, a were wolf, a ghost, a Harry Potter character and a slice of pizza. They came back with pounds of candy, success in a child's eyes!

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  1. My third child insisted on being the Scream for 5 years in a row. Hated that costume!

  2. Love your vintage photo and the new tricker treaters are so great. I love Stand By Me - I got it immediately, wonderful moive.
    I miss the days of treaters. We got 1 door knock with 3 boys from the neighborhood. I did however watch the Great Pumpkin which always makes me smile. Bag of rocks....poor Charlie!

  3. YIKES--what fun!! The "Scream" still gives me the shivers, too. I was always a "gypsy"-- and why? because my skirt panels were diamond shaped and had a little bell on each bottom-- I still like sequins, old buttons, could hear me comin' tho' LOL hugs, Julierose

  4. You guys are so much fun! I love all your fun costumes, old and new. I have to say I think a slice of pizza is one of the most imaginative costumes I've ever seen!!

  5. It is great seeing the kids ( and grown-ups ) having so much fun.

  6. What fun pictures. I really missed working in the shop on Halloween, we always dress up and have lots of creepy food. Last year I was Tippy Hedron in the birds. LOL It is fun to be someone else for a little while. I especially love the slice of pizza :)


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