Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Friend Jane

My friend Jane Hamilton spoke at our guild yesterday. I am surrounded by some very talented friends!
She had an interesting idea to make a quilt like the one she is standing in front of......take an index and cut out a 2" square or any shape/size you like. Next move it around a picture, she used a calendar, until you find and interesting design in the lines and curves of that picture. Blow it up and make a quilt! I need to try that idea.

This quilt was hung in the Houston show and has a nice sense of depth....something that eludes me.

She also has a love of antique quilts, the cool, quirky kind! This was a shower curtain.

This old quilt was my favorite with its itsy bitsy teeny tiny pieces. The crazy blocks were either 4" or 6" I can't remember but they were small.

The age of the fabrics ranged from the 1800's to the early 1900's, a real scrap bag quilt.

My friend Stephanie and her husband went to live in China for a few months because of his work. While they were there they traveled around, France being one of their destinations. She brought me back this awesome candle from the Notre Dame Cathedral! I love it and have added it to my collection, thanks again Stephanie!

I loved all the comments about my husband sewing. I told some that he has his own Featherweight. Our guild had a quilt show a few years ago and there was a raffle for a Featherweight. I told him to buy a ticket to support the guild, and he won! I don't think I have to worry about him eyeballing my stash...



  1. I love those older quilts, too. The "shower curtain" is fabulous...I am hoping to get my DH to help me to tie my Wonder Woman quilt on our dining room table before Saturday when my daughter and her family arrive for dinner--hugs, Julierose

  2. Jane looks gorgeous! I am so sorry I missed her talk, especially, when I hardly get to see her these days. I love that quilt she had in the Houston. Need to try cutouts sometime for different projects.
    Bob is a lucky guy. He has you and a featherweight machine, two best things in the world! I think he is all set :0
    See you soon.

  3. Great quilts by Jane. Depth alludes me too, but I know is has a lot to do with value placement and angles.
    Can't believe Bob won a featherweight! how awesome is that? He should start buying raffle tickets too :)

  4. Great quilts! I love the shower curtain .
    At least you will not have to protect your stash from your hubbie and Maddy.LOL That is so cool that he won a featherweight.

  5. Janes quilts are beautiful. It's always interesting to hear where inspiration comes from. The cut out idea is an interesting one. I love the scrappy quilt with little blocks. Lucky Bob having a featherweight!!

  6. Jane's work is amazing. How lucky you are to know people like Jane.


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