Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sewing Room

Here are some pictures of my almost finished sewing room. I say almost because is it ever finished? I will always be moving and improving the flow and function as time goes by. I still am waiting for some closets to be cleaned out  by my daughter to get those UFOs under that table hidden away.

The table is in the middle of the room to be able to walk around the table when cutting or ironing. It is raining here to day so the pictures are a little weird.
The wall space above that lamp is getting a peg board to hang all of my rulers.

The antique thread storage unit was given to me by my husband for my 40th birthday. It was used for floss but is perfect for button, charms, needles and all kinds of small things that have a tendency to get lost. It looks weird in that  corner but it was the only logical place for it and I didn't like the amount of room it took up on an angle. The walls also look a little barren but I will be making some small quilts.

This is my design wall. I opted not to have flannel on it and use pins mostly because I don't like the way flannel looks with a million threads all over it and if the blocks are pinned I know they won't fall down. As you can see I had a little artist working on a quilt.

I love having another table to lay things out, draw, or just move something to another spot. I always have more than one thing going at a time. Of course a TV {yes it still has a VCR in it!} to keep me company.

I re-purposed {I feel so cool saying that} furniture from the bedrooms I deconstructed. This little table is near my machine and has all the things I need to grab often. Not shown on here is my bobbin holder. The drawers are also great for more storage.

I also got to use some things that don't go anywhere in the house. I love this little antique lamp, it is small so it is up on a pedestal! Lighting was a problem as it is a bedroom. I didn't want to make major changes so there are lamps all around. Mismatched of course!

It also gives me a chance to put some of my little collectibles. I got these in Sante Fe and did not have a spot for them until now.

The other room holds my fabric. This shelving is the best thing in the whole world. It is industrial metal shelving that does not bend or warp like wood, it doesn't even really get dusty.

This quilt was hanging in the room before and will most likely stay. In the corner where the basket is I am going to have my husband make me a big ironing table that rolls and can be pulled out as needed.

This is the other side of the room. That dresser holds all my UFOs that I am promising to get out and work on.

Another little shelf to use mostly for decorations.

The cleaned out shelves makes it so much easier to find things.

Hand dyes are separated from.....

regular solids that are separated from......

my vintage fabrics. I can see them all!

If you are thinking of making a move here are some tips I will give to you:

The one thing I did do was to draw out my rooms on graph paper. I then measured everything I was planning to put in there. It really made it simple to figure out how to lay things out. I made very little changes.

Also......sometimes when you want to do a project like this it feels overwhelming. It was worse thinking about it than actually doing it......well except for the millions of trips up the stairs carrying all that fabric, it was a workout. I set aside an entire week to work on this, I pretty much got it done along with all the other things that go on in life.

Clear out the new room entirely of everything and move things you are saving to another room, get rid of the stuff you don't want BEFORE you start adding in your machine etc. If you save that for last you won't get rid of it, trust me I know this......Clean the room thoroughly.

The room does not have to be perfect, functional is way better. Mine does not look like a magazine but so far it is "working" very good. I think I will be changing a few things as I go along and also what makes sense to the way I sew. Really think about how you want to use your space. For example if you only make small art type quilts you may not need so many big tables.

Try making things as nice as you can. Storage can be cute and useful, not everything has to be in a plastic bin. I am making use of a lot of antique/vintage things I have collected over the years.

The most important thing is to have a space that you are happy in no  matter what the size. I am so lucky to have these 2 rooms and enjoy every minute I am in there. I think I am even a little more productive, it must be all that sunshine!



  1. I love your idea of using antique collectible items for storage--I have 3 shelves on the wall that hold...well...what looks like junk right now...of course they are all necessaries! Am starting an old wooden box collection--I have one from my Grand'pere that has advertising on the
    side--plan to put a clear coating to seal it and then line with felt to store things...your new room(s) look fabulous. great job..I really like that leafy quilt hanging in the 2nd room..looks very do-able for an aspiring appliquer?? hugs and my best to you and yours for your Holidays hugs, Julierose

  2. How very nice for you! It's very organized and functional with room for lots of personality. My quilting room is crammed in the corner of my youngest sons huge bedroom, but I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else because I have the best light in the whole house. It really does make a difference.:)

  3. Your creative space looks fantastic. Isn't fun to make it be functional as well as inspiring? What did you use for your design wall? I agree I don't like the look with flannel and threads left over from every project.

  4. Two fabulous rooms; what a dream! My sewing room is the same pale blue & I love it - very soothing, and not in competition with the fabrics and WIPs.

  5. Your sewing space is wonderful, thanks for the tour! You have the BEST stash! How goes your multiple mug rug project? FYI I have gray felt on my wall and I use pins also. Not much of a thread problem - but I keep a lint roller handy. Happy T'giving!

  6. Thanks for showing us your new sewing rooms, Kelly. Now, I can imagine you sewing away on your wonderful projects. I can't wait to show my hubby your post and hint that I'd love something similar!! Oh, and I spy some FW blocks and the book open on your table!! Happy sewing!

  7. What a wonderful space to be creative in! I love it and think you have it set up really well! :) Have fun sewing in there!

  8. Love how your stash is organized & how you use both new and vintage for storage. Functional and fun - a perfect sewing nest! Thank you for sharing. It's always nice to see how other quilters use their workspace...lots of great ideas.

  9. Wow! Everything looks beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. Even though my room is small you've given me some ideas.

  10. Your new rooms are wonderful! I want to come and sew in your beautiful new space.

  11. Your sewing rooms are perfect!! So much light and so much room. It looks as though you have everything you need, lots of tables and shelves and I love all the touches that personalise the room like your little lamp and crosses on the wall. You'll have a great time creating fabulous things in your wonderful new space!

  12. Your rooms look great Kelly! Thanks for the pics and the advice. Have fun settling in!

  13. I think your room is magazine worthy! Sunshine is the best!

  14. What an amazing space! I think it does look like a magazine. Everything seems so cheery and bright and organized! Love your vintage thinks and especially your thread cabinet - marvelous!
    I know you'll enjoy all the natural light - have fun creating in your new space!
    Thanks for the tour and for the tips!

  15. Beautiful room(s). I also use open "garage" shelving for my fabric - but your stash is to be envied..... I am on my way but not quite there yet. Again - your rooms are beautiful and see why you feel very creative in there!

  16. Your new space looks so bright and clean and beautiful. Doing the layout is a good idea. I always think there is more room than there really is. LOL. Happy stitching in your new creative space.

  17. Love your pics. The fonts are very hard to read but pretty!

  18. I really enjoy tours like this one, Kelly. It's really refreshing to see where others sew, and how to organize and arrange everything. Your stash is impressive. Can you tell me... are you glad to have your fabrics out in the open like that? I bought a cabinet - and have filled it - and now need more space. I'd thought it would be better to have it behind doors, to protect from UV rays and dust, but seeing yours like this is really eye candy. Would you handle your fabrics differently if you could?

  19. Thanks for sharing all the pics of your rooms. Everything looks beautiful and so organized! I hope you have many happy hours sewing in your new space!

  20. How beautiful! It does look like a magazine. I love the icy blue background paint and white trim with all the color pops of thread and fabric against them... Happy sewing!

  21. Congratulations on a great move. Your room is looking wonderful. I agree that it really does have to work for you. It looks like you get lots of light and the storage has worked out really well. Enjoy!

  22. Thanks for letting us take a look at your new room.
    Always nice to get inspiration. I think it is a big room (or rooms) and there is a lot of storage as well.

  23. I'm just visiting your new sewing room again to get me motivated! Can you do a post on that beautiful Antique Thread Cabinet that Bob bought for your 40th birthday? I would love to get a closer look to see the details and I'm sure I'm not alone. Happy Sewing with the snow coming again today.


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