Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Way To Make a Mug Rug

Now that I am on a mission to make 14 mug rugs before Thanksgiving I need to figure out a way to make them a little faster. The first thought was to not do a stitched down binding. My friend Cheryl did a fused binding, but I wanted to be able to wash mine if needed. I decided to try the pillowcase style finish.

First I dump out a bunch of half made fabric. These are leftovers from other things that I have made that I save.

Leftover triangles...

Leftover blocks....

Leftover of my favorite quilts came from trimmed edges.

This one was already stitched together like this, a good place to start. Make it as easy on yourself as possible. Starch will also tame those crazy wrinkled edges.

Straighten up one edge.

Find some more scraps that work.


Add to that to make it fit.

Keep going in the same manner to your desired size. I over size mine, do the quilting and then cut it to size.

For the no binding method, layer your top on 2 pieces of batting with no backing. The 2 layers give it a little more heft to stand up to a cup, my preference.

Quilt as desired. I like dense quilting, again I think it gives it a little more body.

Trim it to the 6 x 9 {this seems to be a standard size}. It will finish at 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Cut a backing the same size and layer rights sides together. This one was a little smaller, I was paying more attention to taking pictures and less attention to details!

Stitch all the way around, leaving a large size opening, at least 5". Clips the corners off and turn.

Push out the corners as best you can. There will be bulk and they will not be totally square.

For this one I stitched 1/4" around the edge and did not like it. See the little bobble on the right hand side? Be sure to press well after, even a little starch is good.

The second one I made was much better.

I am not sure of the measurement but it was the inside edge of my walking foot. Probably around 1/8". I will make the rest of them using this envelope style as it is a lot faster and I like how it looks.

I got so many comments on my husband sewing I just thought you should know he vacuums too! We went to a funeral Saturday and then had a party to go to. It was a bit much to switch gears for the party. He went for the vacuum, I went for the chocolate!

What started out as going after some lady bugs ended up doing the whole kitchen. He even got those dust balls that collect around the legs of the chairs. He just can't help himself! I wish I had such ambitions...



  1. Does he have an old unattached brother or old unattached uncle? LOL

  2. Love your envelope-style mug rugs; that binding takes forever! I have a DH that vacuums--but no sewing as yet...LOL Hugs, Julierose

  3. Of course you can Kelly. Love this and how your use of fabric creates a fun design. Love love the turkey fabric.

  4. love your mug rugs! will they all have a color theme? So who are these for, or how are you using them?
    I love seeing a husband vacuum in his dress pants - you're a lucky lucky lady :)

  5. You are the Mug Rug Queen!! These are so fun. Binding mug rugs turns me off making them so this might be the trick for me. Bob is awesome for doing the vaccuming!! Phil bought me a robot vaccum cleaner when I hurt my back and I had to get him to help with the vaccuuming. lol

  6. If you top stitch the fusible, you can certainly wash them. Sometimes I fuse both the front and the back, but lately I have been stitching the back, then fusing the front and stitching it down close to both the fused edge and the edge.
    Why so many before Thanksgiving?

  7. Thanks for the faux binding idea. My DH also runs the vacuum and he does bathrooms. He doesn't sew but is my color consultant (I'm slightly color blind.

  8. I like the envelop method. Works fast and well small projects. Nilesh does a lot around the house too. Never in his dress pants though :0

  9. Thanks for the tuto! I am making rug rugs for my friends at the dentist office next week. Was going to make pillowcases but thinking mug rugs right now. I love your sun room! I too have a husband like yours, we teach them good! lol And I do love your little prayer shrine under the plant. It would be great to see a big Blessed Mother statue out in that back yard with some flowers or something.

  10. What a great tutorial on the mug rugs! They do make great gifts plus I could use one on my desk! I like the pillowcase method - my husband vacuums, too!

  11. That is how I made mine too, only I used only one layer of batting. I must try with two. Without the binding they go much faster. Yours are looking so good. I really have to start saving those trimmed off edges, they look so cute and ays want to keep them but then think what would I do with them? Now I know.

  12. Oh WOW girlfriend….cute mugrugs and cute husband vacuuming! Now what more could a girl want??

    Maybe that cute rug you just finished!!!

  13. Great mug rug!! Which finishing school did your husband go to?? I need to send mine!!

  14. Love your mug rug! Thanks for the tute. I need to bookmark this. This finish looks sooo much easier than binding, which I just did on a little mug rug today. It was a pain. You have the cutest scraps!

    Love the action shot of the hubby vacuuming! Does he know that you snuck up behind him and took his picture? LOL Mine vacuums too. And does a lot of the rest of the housework. And he cooks too! They're both keepers, aren't they?

  15. Great idea with the mug rugs and they look just as good as the ones with binding. Smart thinking.
    Good to see the house work being done. More time for you to sew.

  16. my hubs has made two denim quilts. but no vacuuming for him per doctors orders.... oh well. cant have it all I guess....I make my mugrugs of scraps like you but I am one of THOSE people who love to bind. I make them assembly line style and then keep the binding for hand stitching days like waiting in drs waiting room etc.

  17. My hubby does the laundry, can't thank him enough. surely like those mug rugs, gotta get a few done up

  18. I love your mug rugs, and just made my first one.

  19. Thanks for this easy item even I can make for gifts. I have plenty of scraps from making countless masks so I will give it a go. Of course, I would not attempt binding. I would totally mess that up. But your tutorial, especially those pics, will help me immensely. Thanks again for sharing♥


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