Friday, April 5, 2013

Small Finishes

Carla of Lollyquiltz is a blog friend that I follow. You must go over and check out all the wonderful things she makes, like this adorable skirt. My granddaughter, Maddy saw it and wanted one too. I let her pick out the fabric herself, I was a little worried she would want the leopard print.....
The waist band looks a little weird because I need to fit it to her the next time she comes over. She is a skinny minny so no guessing here.

I also like making SOME of my birthday gifts. Not everyone appreciates a HANDMADE gift so I am selective. My sister's birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I decided to make her an infinity scarf using some very slippery fabric. Don't you think this fabric looks very summery?

I  found this cool fabric. I made a scarf from it for my daughter in law, whose birthday was last week.

The nice thing about this one is that it has stripes which make it a little easier to match up the edges. I will give you some tips about using this fabric. You can iron it on a low iron, I used #2 on my Black and Decker. Use starch to tame it a bit, I used Mary Ellen's Best Press. I used  my pinking blade on the rotary cutter to cut it. Use a good 1/2" seam allowance. The best part is it is very forgiving so if it is not perfect you really won't notice!

So here you go, please ignore the turkey neck.

Yes I did buy enough fabric to make 2 for myself! I got the fabric at Joanne's because I don't know of any quilt shops that sell this silky slippery stuff. You could make it out of a voile or very soft silky cotton too. I like the drape of this fabric, plus it will be cool in the summer.



  1. The skirt turned out cute...Maddy is going to be so excited! I like the scarf long/wide is your strip of fabric?

  2. Maddy is going to love that she will want more you know that right?
    ok the scarves are great my DD would love them too.
    thanks for sharing

  3. The scarves do look very summery and very pretty. I'll take mine in blue!

  4. That skirt is adorable! I wish adult women could dress this way... The scarf is beautiful too!

  5. You're right. Not everyone appreciates a handmade gift so, like you, I'm very selective! The skirt and scarves look fabulous.

  6. OMG.. You are non stop these days! She is going to love the skirt. It is so cute! My boys were so skinny and long when they were little, I had to make them pants with elastic waists. The good thing about them , they are not picky when they are so little.
    Love the scarves. Nice prints and material for summer. You have been on the roll!

  7. That skirt is so cute, she will never want to take it off.
    The scarves are beautiful and perfect for spring and summer. They look light and cool.

  8. Both scarfs look very nice. And when I was little I would love that fabric for a skirt too;)

  9. That skirt is so cute!! Maddy is going to love it to bits. The fabric you've used for your scarves is so beautiful. The fabric sounds so soft and lovely to wear too.

  10. what a cute skirt - she's so lucky to have a talented grandma!
    i love the look of your scarfs - they are light and summery and so pretty

  11. You make such beautiful things too and i adore your scarf. Mmm must make a voile one I think, thanks for the idea! xo


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