Monday, April 1, 2013

Mellow Yellow

Here is a tiny tutorial for some pot holders. These are for a wedding shower gift that I am going to later this month. I bought her a mandolin and wanted to add some surprises to the gift.

I selected the fabrics for both at the same time so they would go together. Non quilters don't seem to get that things don't have to be matchy matchy, so I am erring on the side of caution. The strips are cut random widths.

I sewed them on a foundation to make it a little sturdier. Any scrap piece will do as long as the pattern does not show through.

Next I layered my back piece, wrong side up 2 pieces of cotton batting (a thin type) and them my foundation pieced top. I don't care for Insulbrite and I always have scraps of batting.

Next I added some straight line quilting. You could do a meandering too but I liked the look of lines with the lines of the fabric.

Look this is so easy a 5 year old can do it!

She was soon bored and went on to design her own quilt on the design wall.

Next I traced a circle on top and cut it out. Mine is about an 8" circle but I think you could do them in other sizes too.

I cut a 2 inch single fold bias strip for the binding. This looks way harder than it was.....start an inch or so away from the end and sew 1/4. The bias edge goes right around with no problems at all.

Fold over the edge where you started about 1/8"(on the left), trimming as necessary and overlap the end  piece(on the right) and sew it all down.

Turn the binding over to the back, it works like a dream.

Carefully without stretching turn under the seam allowance just until it touches the raw edge underneath. Press it with the iron as you go. I used my little binding clips to hold it as I went to keep it in place. When it cools off it will stay there all by itself.

It should lay very flat. Sew it down just like you would a regular binding. I did start where the 2 ends meet to make sure it was perfect before moving on.

There you go! I think I will make some more they were that easy........

even with a granddaughter sitting on your sewing table while you are sewing.

Today we made her first "quilt". She had to have this fabric and she also requested to make it into a quilt.

It is a nice cozy flannel leopard print. She took a few minutes to pick out a stitch she liked to make is special she said.

First we needed a snack. No Easter candy for this girl, she wanted strawberries, an orange and some turkey. I wish I had her good eating habits!

All finished and ready to snuggle with on the couch. She told me today was the best day ever. As you can see in the background there was painting too. I think it was a pretty "best day ever" too!"



  1. Nice potholders! Thanks for the tute.

  2. Oh very nice and it looks like it was the best day ever!

  3. How sweet to have given your granddaughter the best day ever! I think you have a future quilter to mentor. A great snuggle quilt.

  4. Playing with the grandchildren is the best, add fabric and it's just pure fun.
    Thanks for the tutorial on those lovely potholders. I'm thinking they'd make great placemats in the right size too.

  5. great tutorial. I especially like the line about non-quilters think fabrics should be matchy-matchy? I've noticed that too, and I wonder why.

  6. Tell your granddaughter her first quilt is just wonderful! Love your potholders, too.

  7. What a great way to spend the day. Lovely pot-holders. Cute quilt!

  8. ok I just love these potholders, love yellow just makes me smile . your so lucky to be able to spend days like this with your grandchildren a memory she will always have making this with you.

  9. that looks like a wonderful creative play day!
    The pop holders are terrific! thanks for making the tutorial.
    I wish I craved fruit and turkey instead of wine and chocolate :)

  10. The potholders are way cool.
    Your Granddaughter's quilt looks very cuddly. It does look like a best day. That had to make you smile.

  11. What a great little helper, Kelly! I know you are creating memories!

  12. Made me smile! She looks so happy hanging out with you! first quilt is awesome! That's a clever idea to make pot holders. Thanks for the tutorial. Got to make some myself.

  13. Love your pot holders!!! How wonderful to be told your day together was the best ever! It certainly looked like lots of fun!!!

  14. Those potholders are just great! Thanks for the mini tutorial. You made sewing them look so easy. I think I'll have to make one. It would be nice made a bit larger, to put in the center of the kitchen table as a protector.


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