Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blues Scraps

I am calling this my workout quilt. I am an early riser and always have 2 hours  in the morning before I workout that can easily be frittered away. Like on the computer which can be a major time sucker. I could be cleaning or doing the wash but that is no fun.

I also want some quilts for the beds in my house. Even though the kids are gone we still have lots of beds for guests and we are not moving any time soon, if ever.

So I am going to revisit old friends in my scrap baskets and make some quilts. Nothing will be planned and I hope to use up a lot of these scraps. After all they are my favorite kinds of quilts and it is a good use of my time!

On a different note, this has been a week of tragedies. On Tuesday I made a quick run to my favorite Amish  farm to get my eggs. In the little shed where they sell them it is often unattended. Usually you just wait a few minutes and some one comes out of the house to complete the transaction. This time there was a shoe box on the table that said "put your money in here". It restored my faith in humanity by just that small gesture! Now I am sure you are wondering was there any money in the box? Yes and not just change but bills too. This is 2013? right? This is the world I want to live in.



  1. I agree the computer can certainly use up a lot of time for instance I could be cleaning now but that's no fun.
    I had much rather be reading about your blue quilt. It's going to be lovely.

  2. It is just wonderful to experience the goodness of the people around us. There are still some good folks left in the world.

  3. I love your blues and I do think the good outnumber the bad and thankfully always will...

  4. oh I love this bleu block! I think sewing like this is just fun! I agree something like this would just make me feel good too.

  5. Nice way to fill your time. I like working that way, must do it more often.
    And my world too. You can buy flowers, eggs or vegetables here at some farms, mostly the money goes in a closed box;)
    You see, now I spent a lot of time reading on the computer, but if I'm on a fun blog (like yours) I will get inspiration and it can be relaxing too, for example in the evening.

  6. Oh, I think this is the perfect way to start your day!

    I'm loving your scrappy blues. Delicious!

    What a lovely reminder of the good that is always out there - that's what gives me hope.

  7. Starting the day by sewing is the best! Especially when you're making something as fun as those scrappy blues. It great to see the good things in life.

  8. The computer is definitely a time sink!

    And yes, that's the world I want to live in too!

  9. Such a great way to use your time and use up your scraps. Starting the day sewing, blissful. And thank you for your story, it's good to be reminded there is trust and goodness in our lives. Definitely a world I want to live in.

  10. I like the start of your blue quilt. Any reason is a good reason to make another quilt!! Thank you for your story of "niceness" in amongst this weeks bad news. Yes, that's the world I want to.

  11. Two things to make me smile in a week that has little to smile about. Your blue quilt. And the reminder that good people are all around, they usually don't make the news though. :) Thanks

  12. what a fun way to approach some quilt making.
    I loved your Amish story. When we were in CT last weekend, we saw girls who had daffodil stands - so sweet!

  13. LOVE this! What a great idea to use up those early morning hours and pretty scraps! Definitely better than being on the computer..


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