Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I really like this fabric. It is written in cursive handwriting. There is a pressing matter at hand....they want to change the name PENMANSHIP to  PENWRITER.  Yes, that is what they want to start calling PENMANSHIP! Seriously? We don't have more important things to fix? I would also like to know, do you print or use cursive? My friends make fun of me because I use cursive, always have, always will, ever since 2nd grade. Ok I will stop my rant now....

add some fabric......

a little bit more.....

Now we got something going.....

I am still not sure about that vase....

Decisions, decisions.....

Come back tomorrow to see what I made.



  1. I collect prints with writing and love this one as well as what you're making with it. Can't imagine handwriting becoming obsolete...

  2. Are you asking for an opinion? I like the last vase fabric choice. Can't wait to see this all developed!
    And penmanship? Don't get me started! I think the new trends are so sad. Aside from the loss of an aesthetically beautiful skill, studies show that writing helps the mind retain information. I hate that penmanship classes are being downscaled or eliminated.

  3. Oh, and I love that handwritten fabric design!

  4. I love the blue dot fabric as the vase, it almost reflects the blue tones in your other prints. I love black and white, but find that print too strong, but maybe when everything is put together it works. I'm not that keen n the third choice, it looks like it is fighting and wants to be the star not the bouquets

    I love that penmanship fabric, who manufactures it? Is it new or old?

    My handwriting has some printing aspects but is script.

  5. Hi!!! I love the handwritten fabric and all the wonderful fabric you have out!!!!

  6. Whether I use print or cursive depends on what I'm doing! A quilt label is printed, a birthday card gets cursive!

    And "penwriter" doesn't mean anything except that someone can write with a pen! Whoopee! (Rant over! LOL)

  7. Pretty fabrics. I can't wait to see what you made/are making.
    I heard they are changing penmanship to 'handwriting' because of the 'man' in penmanship. Give me a break.

  8. Your vase of flowers will be to die for no matter which vase fabric you choose (the blue dot is my favorite, btw) Penwriter: Oh, for Pete's sake!, as my mother would say! Love the cursive fabric and own a little of it even, I think!

  9. Ohh I love those fabrics!! I print when I want my writing to be neat and do a cross between cursive and scribble when I'm writing notes for myself. I don't know why they want to change the word, seem silly to me. I'm going to have another look at those beautiful fabrics you've picked out, so springy and lovely.

  10. great fabric choices I love fabric with words on it
    whose fabric is that??? love what I am seeing here can't wait to see what your going to make

    wonder why the need to be political correct has to change so many things....
    I think its crazy how they have done away with penmanship classes in the schools and its been for years my kids now in and out of college had one year of it and then were allowed to go back to printing...
    I am with Jan don't get me started!

  11. What a lovely bouquet/vase of flowers you have going!

  12. Cursive all the way! Love the bouquet, can't wait to see what vase you chose! :)
    Stay sunny!

  13. It's always fun to watch your creative process. Great fabrics.

  14. How dare they!! Nothing wrong with "penmanship"!! Love your fabric collection - I like the blue spotty fabric for the vase. Have fun playing and looking forward to seeing what you make.

  15. it was fun to see the process - my reader is newest to oldest, maybe I should switch it, lol

  16. No! Really? A word change?! I thought it was bad enough that they're not teaching cursive in school anymore. Love your bright floral prints.


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