Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quilting and Motorcycles

Summer is really putting a crimp in my sewing! I am finally quilting this and it is taking forever.

Here is a closer shot and I did choose to make the lines varied widths but I was hoping they would be straighter, it's not happening. This is also taking a lot longer to quilt than I thought it would.

Yesterday Bob and I went on the 5th memorial benefit motorcycle ride for a marine who was killed in Iraq. He happened to be a cousin of one of our good friends. He lived in a small town called Gap, PA and everyone turned out for the ride. There were 235 motorcycles and about 350 participants. The money raised goes to current service men and women for expenses.....did you know they have to pay for their own hair cuts etc? Each person is given about $1,000. They also sold T-shirts with the proceeds going to the memorial fund.

 Lining up at the Gap Fire Hall.

Some prayers and words before the ride. Behind is a memorial with the names of soldiers killed in PA, DE, MD and DC.

The Upper Uwchlan police stopping traffic at the intersection.....for 130 miles we did not have to stop at one light or stop sign. They coordinated with all the different police/fire police in many townships and 2 counties.

We did tie up traffic though.....most people would wave, beep their horns or had a smile on their face. Some even taped us or took pictures, I thought that was a little weird. I sort of felt like we were a flash mob!!!
People even lined the streets to watch, it took about 15 minutes for all of us to go by. Most of the people who waved the most enthusiastically to us were over 60, small children or Amish!

I took this one on the bike, you can sees the line of motorcycles ahead. We stretched out for a few miles.

No I was not driving I was on the back. You can see me taking a picture in the mirror.

Now to get to the meaning of the title of this post......bikers are very much like quilters. They love what they do, they are always willing to help some one out and they love colors, you should see some of their bikes! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and for the most part are good people. See we are the same!



  1. Impressive all those people who come out for this! I always think it is such a great loss all those young men loosing their lives and for what? Wel that is my opinion.
    I like your stripes, it is just your way of quilting in this one ( just don't mention the stripes should have been straight) And it suits the simplicity of the pattern with these solid colours.

  2. That gives me goosebumps! So nice to see so many being supportive.

  3. My hubby and I saw them yesterday on the way to see our daughter in York. We knew it had to be something special. I would have tried to see you if I'd known you were among them!
    Debbi F

  4. Hey Biker Babe - I think that pattern would look gorgeous in silk.

  5. All for a good cause - yay!

  6. How exciting! Hopefully, it wasn't scorching hot for you all like it is here.

  7. That's such a wonderful cause and a fun way to raise much needed funds.

  8. how nice , what a great way for these families to know we still care about them. quilting looks great so far.
    I know what you mean I am not quilting as much as I normally do this summer.
    I am sure we will make up for once fall comes!
    have a great day


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