Thursday, July 21, 2011


Before I show you pictures of my cleaned up room, I will show you all the things I found that were "lost" in there. These are fabric post cards made by my friend Terry who you read about in yesterday's post. I bid on them at our annual auction a few years ago. I love them and will never send them out, so glad I found them.

Remember these? I think RJR was the maker of the Smithsonian Institute fabric line. For a time when you purchased the fabric you got one of these labels. I don't remember how long ago that was....

A trapunto card my sister in law, Angie made circa 1996. Her first attempt and I am so glad I found this!

Two little containers that were my grandmother's made in Japan. I use them for safety pins and my snips.

A rusty needle with an interesting story....I was sewing in bed and some how the needle was in ended up in my arm while I was was required to get it out! That is a #11 straw needle people! The xray technician was vey surprised and couldn't quite understand sewing in bed.

I packed up 9 large trash bags in my car and took them to the thrift store.

I cleaned this out and put all the pretty pin cushions in there......

I love this cute little thing, I think it was for candy or some kind of dessert. Now it holds my threads and some other odds and ends......

Here is a view from the door. My design wall is easier to use now.....

My scrap bins are easier to get to and hopefully I will use them more often.....I still need to paint the shelf.

My fabric all nicely will never stay that way, but one can hope.
I have the tables this way so I can move them together when I machine quilt. It gives me a much larger space to put the quilt on. It looks weird but it works.

Just to keep it real there is a pile of stuff behind the is all to be donated to my guilds. It feels great! I am only worried now that I will have no idea where I put everything!



  1. All organized and tidy and so full of pretty things to surround your sewing area. Well done!

  2. Clapping....yippee!! Well done! I sure like your sewing cabinet your machine is in. If I had know I was going to get into quilting I would have bought a cabinet more like yours!

  3. I love your studio - so full of happy and bright fabrics! I also love love the pink candy dish/thread holder, how fun is that! Your needle story reminds me of another, my daughter's 5th grade teacher's cat got a needle lodged in the roof of it's mouth, thankfully not dangerously, and the cat survived just fine. I think it was due to sewing on the couch!

  4. It looks wonderful. I just did the same as you and donated a trunk full of fabric and yarn. Seems easier to quilt with everything organized. I love that pink dessert dish!

  5. I like what you did. The room looks great. I have that problem sometimes, I always ask my sister,"Can you be too organized?"

  6. Ha! I am sort of cleaning up my sewing room too and found 'lost' items but I am still missing one or two old patterns. Oh well, they may show up one day...

  7. I love your clean your is amazing what we do problem with cleaning my room is finding things afterwards. You should enter your stash on the accuquilt facebook it!

  8. Your room looks really nice, with lots of good natural light. Do you not put a flannel sheet over your design board? How are you going to display the four postcards you found? I have about 15 of them - all made and mailed to me by a dear friend in Switzerland. Sadly, they're just stacked up on a shelf. Ideas?

  9. looks great! I bet it will stay like this after all the work you put into making it look this good!
    I find ever since I refolded all my fabric I do put it away nicely each time I go hunting for fabrics in the closets.
    ah yes I still have moments ok where did I put that! I go to where it was for years and its not there anymore!
    LOL love those postcards and the first attempt of trupunto looks wonderful
    glad you found your treasures.

  10. Wow! Well done you!

    I wish I could get inspired to do something but it's so cold and miserable I just want to sit here and vegetate! Perhaps when spring arrives...

  11. You found so many treasures!! That's a great reward for all the work you put in to getting your sewing room sorted out. I'm curious about the pink thing under the red sewing machine in the middle on your shelf? It looks a bit like a spaceship. The post cards are really amazing!! Good on you for taking all those bags to the thrift store so they can go to homes where they'll be used. I love that you have colourful lanterns hanging. It all looks wonderful!!

  12. Your room and treasures are fantastic! Love the pin cushion cabinet!

  13. great clean up job!
    I love love love the pink tiered server - jealous!!


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