Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Quilt Show Pictures

Viewer's Choice....Celebration by Kim Jacobs
Warning.... Waring... quilt picture heavy post......Isn't this a gorgeous quilt? It won Viewer's Choice.

Our show was a success! This guild has only 45 women and one man, we had around 85% participation which is wonderful and helped to make it a good show.

I did win some ribbons which is really nice!

Blue Birds of Happiness won a second place.

Procrastination won a second place and a Judges's Choice......

The Ghastilies won Judges Choice. I love that both judges gave me Judges Choice on my quilts.....they like me, they really like me!
All the Leaves are Green, Purple and Blue won a second place....
My friend Suzanne did this in pink, look how different they look! It is fun to see them in different color ways.

Blue Baskets of Happiness got a third place, competition was stiff and one judge didn't seem to get the wonky part of quilting????

My Sunshine Flower quilt won a first place.

"Sailor Jerry" Japanese Ladies by Norma Grasse

My Serenity Garden by Jean Zubert
This is an amazing quilt. Jean fussy cut all those hexagons that are about 1" in size, hand pieced them and hand quilted it! When she brought it in we immediately put it in the "to be judged" pile. She said she did not enter it to be judged and we told her she had to have it judged. Reluctantly she agreed....she ended up getting first place! I was very happy for her. Click on it to see it up close.

A Colorful Welcome by Robin McMillen

Floating Ginko Leaves by Suzanne Stiverson

Feathered Star by Robin McMillen

For Cecily and Bengt by Christine Kamon

Indulgence by Pat Smith

The Lodi Barn by Roberta Lodi

70's Spin by Elaine Egan

Tipsy Teapots by Robin McMillen

Kathy DiCarli

African Jazz by Christine Kamon

Water Lily Pools by Kim Jacobs

Tea and Sympathy by Kathy DiCarli

Fall Wreaths by Elaine Egan
Chubby Chicks by Pauline Trnka
Whig Rose by Suzanne Simmons

We had our celebrity author Cheryl Lynch, who wrote !Quilt Fiesta!

All of the members worked really hard...Great job! We will be back in another 2 years.



  1. What a talented group. Lovely quilts.

  2. Kelly,
    It was so much fun visiting the show and all of you! Your pictures came out quite nice. I was very impressed with all the quilts that were hanging there! I wonder if you will need bigger place for the show next time around. It seems like this show is steadily growing!

    Congratulations on all your ribbons. it was really fun to see all your quilts from up close.

  3. What a GREAT quilt show. Congratulations on ALL those wins!

  4. Such pretty quilts! Congrats on all you ribbons!

  5. congratulations on all your ribbons! Well deserved!
    It was particularly fun for me to see them, since I'm still new to your incredible work and sense of style.
    LOL, had to laugh, I've confused some judges when I did liberated quilting on a liberated piece.
    I was honor 2 years ago with both of the judges choice ribbons and I still consider it one of my biggest achievements. I'm so happy for you!!

  6. p.s.
    I don't care how far the show is, next time I'm coming!!

  7. What a great show! Congratulations on your wins.
    Isn't it funny that some judges don't know what to say about "wonky"?

  8. What a fantastic show! Looks as if you swept up most of the ribbons. Well deserved congratulations. Amazing

  9. Wow! What a great show. Your quilts are beautiful, and definitely worth their ribbons. I especially like the leafy one and the sunflower. Congratulations!

  10. For a small group, you all did fantastically to put on a great show of quilts. There's a lot of talent in the group and congratulations to you especially for winning so many ribbons, what an achievement.

  11. What a talented group....great show!

  12. Congratulations on all your places and wins! You could make a quilt of all those ribbons! So many incredible quilts, every single one of them.

  13. I was so inspired by your show, just wish I had taken my camera along. Your bluebird quilt really tickled my fancy although I loved all your quilts! It was a wonderful show!

  14. Wow Kelly, thanks for sharing. You have amazing talent in your guild! Congrats on your ribbons. You really do make fabulous stuff. I love that The Ghastlies got a ribbon!!!

  15. Lots of beautiful quilts at the show. Your sunflower looks like a painting-it's just beautiful. Congratulations on your ribbons!

  16. Thank you for sharing the show photos. I was away and wasn't able to come. :( Congrats on your ribbons and a great show. It's so much work to put on a show and from what I heard I missed a good one.
    Debbi F.

  17. now I am really sorry I didn't come
    what wonderful quilts and OH MY I love so many of your quilts, well done!
    I am so happy for you winning all those ribbons, well deserved, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing too!

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    have a good day
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