Monday, May 16, 2011

Very Random Monday

My life feels like this room looks, scattered and a mess! Nothing has been going on in here because I have to clean up before I can even think of sewing.

Sage and Jasmine
My niece, Jasmine had a graduation (Bloomsburg University)/engagement party this weekend. Her sister Sage is also graduating (high school). Her party will be at the end of the summer and she will be attending Shippensburg University, where 2 of my kids went.

I still have seeds to plant, I am really behind...

Do you ever do this? When you are driving around and see some landscaping you like, snap a picture? I do.....

Some sewing is getting done. I like this block and it is pretty quick. Tonight I am going to make the cherries and get it done in the next couple of days. At least that is the plan.

If anyone is interested in an I Spy Swap go over to Carla's blog,  Lolly Quiltz and join. It is open until May 31. This is a great way to get some good fabrics if you are thinking of making this quilt. I know there will be more grandchildren so maybe I will get a head start....yeah right!


  1. Love it Kelly! Congrats to the nieces. And YES! I drive around neighborhoods and snap pictures of landscaping too. Just never been brave enough to tell anyone about it.

  2. Cleaning up all those lovely fabrics would be very distracting for me - I'd be thinking about the next project..and the next.. and the one after that! LOL

  3. Sometimes I have to clean before I can work too! =)

    Looks like you've been busy. I don't drive and take photos...but I love looking at homes! =)

  4. I love your applique block! The fabrics are really pretty.

    Sometimes I skip sewing to avoid having to clean my room. :-)

  5. My rooms a mess too, I think I need more cupboards. I love Zinneas! They're such happy flowers. Arent seed packets wonderful, full of promise of lovely things to come. I hope you stop your car when you take photos. Ive been known to pull over if I see a beautiful tree or flowers so I can take photos.

  6. Hi Kelly, I'll come and help you clean up your sewing room if you will help me clean mine!! Then we could work on the planting! Thanks for the mention about the Swap, too! Hang in there!!

  7. Your nieces looks adorable! Yes, I take pictures in the neighborhoods too!
    Just planted my seeds for Zinnias.. I never got to grow my own in Seattle.. It was never warm enough.. Love them!

  8. The landscape stalker - you are too funny.
    I instead of photos of good landscape, I usually do "mental makeovers" of bad ones when walking the dog, lol.
    Can't work in a mess? I know how you feel, but sometimes I just look away.
    have a great if not soggy day.
    Oh, I've heard zinnias are better from seeds, true?

  9. Yes I do like to do photos like that because I have no memory :) I know what you mean about the sewing room, I'm like that too. Have a great day and stay dry~! Looks like rain all week!
    Hugs, Mickie

  10. Congratulations to Jasmine and Sage! Summer is a busy time in the garden, I hope you get a bit of stitching time to finish that block. I'm ignoring my mess, I tidy up just enough to make a little space at the moment but the day will come.


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