Monday, July 13, 2015

Mid Summer Catch Up

I don't know about you but it feels like summer is flying by!
I have been super busy and am anxious to get back to "normal" life which includes blogging. Between my family, gardening and cleaning up my home (and computer issues)I have squeezed in some sewing and will show you what I have been up to later this month.
Some bee friends asked me to show them how to make hexagons the other day. After they left I got to thinking how cool one would look with Halloween themed fabrics. Well great minds think alike because one of my friends is making one too. I will get a picture of it and show it to you.

As you can see they are not all quilted down yet.

These are some of my favorites. I realized right away you need some not so crazy ones along with the fussy cut ones or none of them stand out.

My gardens are doing well and my pots are doing great! I love this color combination. I think that is part of the fun doing plants in pots, experimenting with different ideas. I break of my coleus to keep it in check, I stripped the leaves off  4" down from the bottom and just stuck it into a pot. All the coleus you see above came from those cuttings.

I love the purple oxalis, it adds a lot to all the green.

The lime green in the shade is awesome. These all get morning sun and a little late day sun.

I have fallen for geraniums as well, the had fallen off the "I want these for my garden" list for the past few years.

I completely replanted my front garden and put in some interesting shrubs and plants. This hibiscus is huge! The color is a dark purple which looks a little washed out here.

I have been adding more red into the garden and love these coneflowers.

I don't think I ever noticed before that the little buds in the center were a blueish gray. Mother nature gets her combinations just perfect every time.
That concludes our garden tour!

I will be back soon. I was sent some goodies to do a giveaway. Stay tuned.

I have also joined the masses and am on Instagram. It really is easy and way more fun than Facebook. I am under Pinkadotquilts. You have to download the app to your smart phone or you can do it on the computer but the phone is the way to go.
See you soon!


  1. Your pots are looking gorgeous! I think mine are way overstuffed this year and the heat has really not done them any favors.:)

  2. A lovely garden and a fun Halloween panel. Will you make it into a cushion? I have seen hexies done this way, but love that you have chosen a theme!

  3. Hello Kelly !
    I saw you hexies on IG yesterday and I love them !! They are not appliquéd just quilted no ? Love your plants France, we have a big heatwave and because of that, not so much flowers this summer.....maybe in August ?
    I wish you a lovely day !

  4. Love your work on the Halloween quilt. Lots of great fabrics.
    And your garden is looking a treat. Worth all the hard work.

  5. Your Halloween mini is adorable. Makes me want to start one today!
    I love all your flower photos - why? because we have almost exactly the same plants!!
    Love following you on IG

  6. Great collection of Halloween fabrics, in fact I have several and covet many I don't have. Great way to show them another to do to add to my list!

  7. What a fun way to use Halloween fabrics. I so enjoy seeing glimpses of your garden, they've added summery sunshine to my winters day. I'm having a break but when I'm back I'll follow you on IG, I figure it's about time I tried it properly.

  8. Your Halloween Hexies are such a treat. It does make me want to get go all those Halloween fabrics I have tucked away. Enjoy your lovely garden.

  9. Such a great tip for the Halloween hexies that not all should be fussy cuts. I love anything Halloween! I have the very same hibiscus at the base of my lamp post bed and it comes back every year! Vince cut it back the first year and I was so surprised to see it growing back last year, this is the third year that it's growing but hasn't bloomed yet. So don't dig it up in the fall.


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