Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday's Winner

I am amazed how many of my friends could not figure out which picture was mine! You all crack me up and I enjoyed playing this game for a giveaway. Thank you for all the fun comments, I really enjoyed reading them.

So this was the 1965-66 school year. My hair was in a flip, remember that do? I am pretty sure it was achieved with those pink foam rollers that snapped shut and gave you a rotten night's sleep!
I was wearing a sweater my mom made me and I hated the barrette on the side of my head, but you didn't argue with mom on picture day.
One of our favorite things to do was to quiz the babysitter Rosemary, about the Beatles. She being a teenager knew all about them and was happy to share her knowledge. I remember my mom's favorite record was Downtown by Petula Clark? She would let us play it over and over.

The girls in my class had very classic 1950-60's names.......Carol, Joan, Leslie, Beth, Nancy, Susie, Kathy, Donna, Marlene, Ruth, Theresa, Celeste and Sandra. Many of you thought I was Sandra, bottom row, first girl!

So the winners are......

Diane of Butterfly Threads -----she will get the 60* diamonds

Annemieke of  Colors and Fabrics ------she will get the 2" HST

Holly R ------she will get the Quarter Square Triangles

Congratulations ladies, I will be sending you an email for your addresses.
Thanks you everyone for playing along!



  1. What a fun give away!
    We did something similar earlier this year at our Retreat. We all brought in 3 photos - one 1 - 5, one as a teenager, one wedding photo. We then had to guess who was who. Even though we all knew each other it was so hard! But great fun.

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners!!

  3. Congratulations to the winners. They'll be planning amazing triangle quilts. That really is such a sweet photo of you. It's so special that you remember all the details around the day.

  4. Looking at your tiny current picture and your school picture I can see it's you! I loved Petula Clark!

  5. H*U*R*R*A*Y*!!!!! Thank you so much!! It is the first time I won a give-away, so I'm excited to try this paper roll!
    I'll be e-mailing you.

  6. Congrats to the 3 winners !! :)

  7. I remember those pink rollers...may they burn in hell. You were cute! Still are!

  8. Yes that was fun, I don't think the names from the classmates of today will be the easy to remember, or maybe they will because they are all so different. Lucky winners!!!

  9. Cute picture! Oh yes, I still remember many of the school picture days. Funny how those memories last, isn't it? I even still have some of my school pictures, which make me laugh now.


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