Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give Away Winner + Some Lost and Found

It's amazing the things you find when you clean out! I remember starting this but had no idea where this block wandered off to......I am going to finish it. It will be perfect for my monthly bee.

I also found these adorable little buttons that I bought in New York on a trip with my Quiltini Bee a few years back. I thought I threw them out because I looked every where they should be and I couldn't find them. Aren't they sweet?

My name badge that again I thought was lost. I made it 20 years ago for the Penn Oaks guild. It's vintage now!

I worked on this at many get away weekends. It is 16 blocks and almost on the verge of me not liking the fabrics. Only 3 blocks to go, got to get this one finished up.

I am ruthless when it comes to getting rid of no longer wanted fabrics. Our Penn Oaks guild is having a silent auction next Monday. Perfect timing for me! I just took like fabrics and bound them together. Hopefully it will bring in some money for the guild. How much would you pay for a bundle of fabric? I estimate there to be about 3-4 yards of fabric in each.
There is more where this came from......

An almost ready to go Christmas Quilt!

My shelves so far....still more to go. I love these industrial shelves. My husband bought them for me years ago, they don't sag or get dusty, like everything else.

The survey says ............the winner of the scraps is Char, who blogs at Cloth Stitched ! Congratulations I will be contacting you with an email.
Thanks for playing along. My husband and I had a discussion about where do people look for information, phone book or internet. Looks like the internet won.



  1. Congrats to your winner! What a good idea bundling the fabric you don't want for the auction! Great shelving for your fabric too.

  2. Congratulations to Char! Finding lost treasures is such a great reward for moving your sewing room. I bet you were happy to find those gorgeous buttons!! Your bundles look great, they'll be snapped up at the auction! I hope we see more of that pretty star quilt.

  3. I recognize many of those fabrics in your lost blocks and bundles. Glad you found those cute buttons. Looks like you're almost done getting organized. It feels so good to get things back in order. Then the playing is easy.

  4. I just really think your "found" basket is lovely. Great colorways and in those 16 blocks--are they all going to play together? hugs, Julierose

  5. You found some lovely 'lost' treasures while moving to your new sewing room. Do you have room for more fabric now? LOL Whenever I get rid of some I have to go shop. LOL

  6. Thank you so much Kelly!
    I love the bundles, you know someone else's fabric is always better than your own. So I'm sure they will sell in no time.

  7. i have those shelves in my kitchen, love them and u sis!!!

  8. ha ha I love that found all that stuff. I found a lot too when packing. I'm sure we all have treasures buried in our sewing rooms.
    I really like those shelves! I wish I had thought of those for my closet. Would have been so much more reasonable than the container store ones (but I am NOT leaving those here - ever!).
    I'd pay $5 - $8 for a bundle of good fabric - you are ruthless!


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