Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

I am so not motivated today. There are tons of things to be done around the house and I would love to just chuck it all and go sew.
This block is attached to a quilt that I promised I would show. All is appliqued except for the dark blue center. The amount of applique I have done that did not make it into a quilt is quite staggering, I am finding out!

This is the quilt it belongs on. I made this in a class I took a very long time ago, notice the reproduction fabrics...
It looks weird because I took the picture on a gray rug and those light colored background really pop out. Okay so I ask you why would I just stop right here? I did the hard part! getting all those points to match and making sure the center isn't poofy. Ughhh.

Here is the other pitiful block, I can't even remember what flower I was going to put there. So I think I will take the blocks that are there off, and replace them with a nice sort of reproductiony type fabric, no applique.

On a brighter note for the day, while I was looking for the lone star quilt I found this lace pinned on a piece of fabric. I have no idea how it got there or who it belongs to? Did some family member give it to me? Not sure. Isn't it beautiful? Look how intricate it is. I think it is like a sampler of some sort. If anyone knows please tell.

Just because it is ridiculously hot almost everywhere in the US, here is a nice cool picture to refresh you. We had dinner with friends last Saturday night and this is a part of their unbelievable back yard. They have a waterfall, benches, pathways and beautiful plantings.

We dined with the goldfish and listened to the bullfrogs.



  1. It's funny that sometimes half the time of making a quilt is letting it mature in a cupboard. I love the appliqué blocks. Your star is dazzling and will look great with some repro fabric. Just don't let that block go to waste, a cushion perhaps? That lace is a lovely reward for finishing a UFO! Beautiful garden shots too!

  2. I love the colors in your quilt!!

  3. Maybe the crochete parts you found are pinned on a piece of fabric to not to forget the patterns that are used. They look old ( even the pins look old;)
    Your star is beautiful and if you have more applique you could perhaps make a whole new top out of them! I did that recentely.

  4. I've always wanted to make a Texas Star Quilt like is so pretty and fun, with or without the applique. I have a few pieces of handmade lace in my trim box. Yours is so beautiful...I can't even imagine trying to make something like that! The pond pictures are amazing....we came home from vacation to our pond being murky and I still haven't gotten it striaghtened out....I think it is the heat and big rains that have gotten things all out of balance.Always something!

  5. you scared me...for a minute i thought you had just made ANOTHER lone star this week. You are on a role--soon you'll have no UFOs.

  6. I so admire all the hard work that is going into your lovely quilt... I don't think I could mentally handle it, so bravo to you!!

  7. What a dynamic star, and the applique corners will just be tremendous!
    The handwork you show is samples of crocheted lace. Just a little starter piece to try out your stitch gauge, and have a sample. They couldn't take quick pics like we can today!

  8. I am loving your beautiful appliqued block, with that light background against the (amazing) star - wow! the colors from the star just pop and radiate. Great job, it's going to be another of your great quilts!

  9. I LOVE your Lone Star! I'm glad you pulled it out and you're working on it.

    The lace samples are beautiful. They look like a sampler of what the person could do? I think I'd frame them? :)

  10. Oh Kelly I love this quilt you have to finish it!!! Yes I am sure you can find a background fabric to use if you don't wnat to do the applique
    the star is stunning by itself...I have always wanted to make a quilt like this not sure I could make it so it lays flat! LOL
    Love that applique block you showed very pretty! could always be a pillow or a little quilt...
    keep us updated on your progress, ok?

  11. I think your crochet pieces are samplers, probably a way to keep the patterns as they can be figured out from the samplers fairly easily. I think your quilt looks wonderful, good luck getting a finish out of it.


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