Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Snow Day


I have been having such a good time sewing up these little blocks. They are small, 3" finished and they are paper pieced. If you are interested in doing these you can find them here Sentimental Stitches. There are 365 blocks, you receive 7 per week for the entire year! It closes on Thursday so hurry if you are interested.

My guild finished our Sampler Sew Along. It was a fun 10 month project and I think everyone that participated enjoyed it. Here is one of the blocks that I fussy cut. As you can see my color selections included all solids with low volumes for the backgrounds. I think it was a good choice.

Probably one of my favorite blocks!

I am so glad I took the time to embroider the signature block. My embroidery needs works but it's done. I am also happy with the sashing and those teeny tiny cornerstones. They are 1/2" square. The size works well with the 6" blocks. They remind me of Chicklets. I will be adding a label on the back to document 2020 and this crazy pandemic.

So this is the finished quilt. It's hard to get those blocks into a cohesive look but I think I spread those yellows around so none of them stands out.

I very seldom buy a kit but you know last winter, inside, lots of social distancing, too much computer.....I bought this from Fig Tree Quilts. It's called Summer Picnic Block of the Month. These are not all the blocks, just the ones we have started sewing together. I really enjoyed doing this and made a promise to myself I had to do the blocks every month. There are only 2 months left so it should be a top soon. It was also fun to look forward to something in the mail every month.

The blocks were not hard and the fabrics were right up my alley (no purple 😏).

They gave you plenty of fabric and I deviated from the plan from time to time. It has been a fun project to work on these past few days during the snow and cold. It kind of feels like summer.

If you ever decide to do a kit from Fig Tree I would highly recommend it. They are very organized, and prompt if you have a question. You will have plenty leftover fabric to add to your stash!

That being said I do have another kit of theirs that I will show you later in the year (-:



  1. What a colorful and cheerful post. Your Sampler turned out great and those tinsy corner stones are so so cute. Your layout looks really great. I love your embroidery. How charming!
    Lots of happy sewing going on in your sewing room - woo hoo!

  2. The only kit I have ever bought was a Fig Tree one! Worked out very well. Love seeing your design wall especially today.:)


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