Wednesday, April 28, 2021

End of April


I have been very bad about blogging. I was surprised to see it has been almost 3 months. Time is slipping away.

I went to our local Bernina dealer, Hinkletown Sewing to get a new foot for my machine. I saw this bag behind the counter and asked if I could have one. How cool is this!? I love how the handle for the bag is the handle for the machine.

I did a swap this spring with During Quiet Time with her book, Petals and Stems. The idea was to make a top and bottom but don't sew them together so you can mix and match the stems.

See how you can switch them out?

So fun!

The backgrounds were all low volume.

This is one that I made. If you are interested round 3 swap is open....go check out her website.

Remember all my little blocks? I am still making them but other projects have had to get done as well.

 Here is my little stack so far. They are addictive and fun. They would be perfect for a retreat or group sewing.

I think you all will get a laugh out of this......I was changing my foot from my regular one to my walking foot. I took it off thinking it was right behind my machine. When I went to put it back on I could not find it. I looked everywhere, for like 2 hours. I even looked in the trash can, twice. I ended up tearing apart my entire room.

My husband came upstairs and I told him what happened. Now this is a man that cannot find the mayo in the fridge.....He immediately spotted it! It fell in a crack of my sewing table and was wedged in there good! I swore I looked there at least 3 times.....

Now that everything was everywhere I decided to clean up a bit. I have a bin that all my vintage blocks are stored in and it was getting out of hand. I went through it and sorted and purged.

I totally rearranged my furniture and I love it! It may not look too organized but it feels like it and I can work so much better.

Some of the blocks/fabric is so wonderful....

I have picked these up at quilt shows and sometimes antique stores.

I feel like these are "instant" doll quilts, vintage even.

I have a collection of doll quilts I will show you one day.

I love Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet The woman is a marketing genius. 

This is a part of her red sampler sew along. It is fun and will get me a red and white quilt. Oh and I have done a little cross stitch! I know, I know who am I?

I love a good functional gadget. I got this little iron for Christmas and it is amazing! It gets super hot and will be great for retreats.

My other new find is Magic Pins. I love them! For some reason they are easy to use and very thin yet strong. The blue ones are called quilters length and the green ones are smaller.

I think I am a stress shopper. I found this and knew immediately I had to have it. It's soft, hand quilted and it was only $65, no stains, rips or tears!

This one was $95 and the hand quilting is amazing!! It too is so soft, I love it.

We are cleaning things out at my mom's house. She let me read a bunch of letters that my dad wrote when he was in the Korean Conflict. It was before they met and apparently women were proposing to him by letter! The content is so heart warming and you can feel the loneliness in some of them. There are also some gems in there from my grandmother who was never shy about telling you her thoughts! Who even remembers Air Mail? This is a reminder to write some letters, email will be deleted and some really amazing events will be lost. Write those letters! Give your grandchildren something to read and maybe even be amazed by....

For those of you that subscribe by email I have posted a new box on the top right of my blog. You need to subscribe again if you wish to still receive my blog in your email box. The current way you subscribed originally is going away. I am not sure why Blogger feels the need to keep changing things, it such a pain.



  1. I recognize how your husband can't find the mayo in the fridge but discovered your foot. It makes me wonder sometimes how a man's brain works......
    love your spacious sewing room and the projects you are working on, and those magic pins are great. I discovered them a few years ago when visiting your country. I just love them.

  2. What a wonderful post you've written. I just adore those paper pieced flowers. Your antique fabrics and new quilts make me drool! I love old quilts so much and find unfinished antique quilt blocks hard to resist. I am happy when I see people embracing them as well. The letters from your Dad are amazing. It's a wonderful gift to have his thoughts written down and saved after all these years. It doesn't matter how often you blog just as long as you get to it eventually. I have had my eye on those pins too. My question is, which ones would you most recommend just for piecing? I need some better pins but am not sure which size is more practical. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  4. What great stories in your post. Your pieced flowers are super cute. I can see why they'd be addictive. Glad you found the sewing foot. Those things drive me crazy. At least, your space got tidied up 😊

  5. What a fun filled catch up post. Your flowers and stems are great and look like a lot of fun to make.
    Oh, I felt for you looking for your foot. I've been before, looking everywhere in my SR for something.
    What a lot of wonderful vintage pieces you have collected over time.
    great quilt finds. I wish I could feel them. They look so soft and wonderful.
    I remember well the airmail envelopes and the onion skin paper. What a nice piece of family history and nostalgia.
    Fun to see what you've been up to friend!


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