Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cold Winter Day


Winter and a pandemic can be a dangerous thing! I'm talking about shopping!!! I love this Alison Glass fabric.

It's such a good basic and I love the mini cross stitches.

I think this would be a good substitute for a solid that would give it some texture.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Yes Maureen McCormick from the Brady Bunch has a line of fabric out and it definitely has a 1970's vibe. These are the only 3 I got but you never know......

This is one of my first finishes for the year. I am planning on making a series of doll quilts. Why? First of all I am running out of room for all my quilts! It's a good problem to have but still. I also am hoping we will go back to in person gatherings at guilds and this might be good for a lecture and or workshop, we'll see.

While we still are not meeting in person, I am taking advantage of Zoom classes. This was fun and now I need to put the "puzzle" together. I always enjoy this step. This is when your design wall is essential!

I received this in the mail from my friend, Terry. I can't wait to read it in depth and do some more painting, thank you Terry!

These have been staring me in the face for 2 days now! I need to put them in my husband's office! 

I keep saying I will try to get back to blogging but most of the time I am not doing anything very exciting! Maybe things will be different this year.



  1. Oh. I think you're off to a fun start for the beginning of the year. Lots of color, design. And plans and maybe a few GS cookies.

  2. I love hearing from you, whenever you feel like blogging.
    Your little houses are just adorable!!
    And I love the new fabrics!!
    Take care

  3. fresh... glad you checked in with us

  4. love your little doll quilt and what great new fabrics!
    Blogging is challenge for me too. I also feel I don't have much to report.
    Your solid project is awesome. Great color combinations.
    I love GS COOKIES!! YUM and those little toast cookies are adorable.

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